UK public sector pension and NHR

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    William Rattray

    I hope to be able to retire to Portugal either using D7 visa route, NHR or both. Is that right? What are the taxation rules for a UK public sector (police) pension once in Portugal?


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    James Cave

    Hi William,

    Apologies for the delay in replying.

    NHR and the D7 aren’t necessarily connected as ones about taxes and the other is a visa/residency permit, however, yes, you can apply for the D7 visa and then be eligible for NHR as well. NHR is something you apply for once you’re a resident.

    I imagine on a police force pension you would meet the financial requirements for the D7, which are roughly €635 per month for the main applicant (other family members are a percentage of this).

    I believe that public sector pensions such as the police force pension are taxable in the UK rather than Portugal. There was a change last year which meant that most pensions were taxed in Portugal at 10%, but I think yours is still taxable in the UK so the tax amount should be easy to calculate.

    I would recommend speaking to a tax professional/relocation expert on this, however, which I am happy to refer you to, if you like?

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    William Rattray

    Hi James, thanks for your reply, the delay isn’t a problem.

    Many thanks for the information, I did think that my pension would remain taxable in the UK however I am unsure if it would be taxed again in Portugal at 10%. Can you clarify this please?

    I am not in a position to make a move yet, just researching the logistics of it so do not need to contact a expert just yet but will contact you again if and when I do need this.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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