Portugal for Vegetarians: A Survival Guide

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Even by European standards, Portugal is not an easy country for vegetarians. With the exception of fish dishes, meat features in almost every dish: even dishes that could be vegetarian often have meat added for flavour.  Vegetables aren’t really a focus in Portuguese food. In fact, with the exception of some boiled frozen vegetables, a … Read more

Porto For Foodies: 10 Regional Dishes to Look out for

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I’ve spent a lot of time in Porto, and a lot of that time was spent eating. Over the years I’ve tried everything on this list, often making special pilgrimages to find each of the dishes. Hopefully it’ll help you, fellow foodie, make the most of your time in Porto. Loosen those belts foodies! Porto … Read more

Ovos Moles: A Look at Aveiro’s Famous Delicacy

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I have to admit that I wasn’t a huge fan of ovos moles the first time that I tried them: I thought they were okay but not as good as the other Portuguese sweets and cakes that I’d tried. Since then, I’ve visited Aveiro (where they’re made) and even taken a short class in making … Read more

The Best Portuguese Sandwiches

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Portugal isn’t a country that you would associate with sandwiches. Sandwich shops aren’t very common and there isn’t much of a “grab and go” food culture like there is in many English-speaking countries.  You’re most likely to come across sandwiches in a café, and every café in Portugal has the same three sandwiches on offer: … Read more

Visiting Pastéis de Belém in Lisbon

nata from pasteis de belem

If it wasn’t for the enterprising Pastéis de Belém, a bakery situated in the Belém neighbourhood of Lisbon, we might not have the pastel de nata (often called a Portuguese custard tart). The café was the first business to begin selling pastéis de nata commercially, and that lead to others trying to copy the recipe, … Read more

Somebody Feed Phil: Phil Rosenthal Visits Lisbon

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Lisbon is a city that has attracted TV chefs and personalities from all over the world. The late Anthony Bourdain was probably the first personality to really put Lisbon on the map, and since then he’s been joined by the likes of British TV chef Rick Stein and now Phil Rosenthal. You may not have … Read more

Port Wine: A Guide for Beginners & Connoisseurs

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Port wine is one of Portugal’s biggest and most popular exports but, although a lot of us have drunk it at least once, very few people know much about it. It’s often served around Christmas, alongside a cheeseboard, but it’s really not something that’s regularly drunk throughout the rest of the year. In fact, Port … Read more

Portuguese Music: 12 Singers & Bands Worth Listening to

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Outside of Portugal, Portuguese music is relatively unknown and it can be difficult to know which singers and bands you should listen to. This list will get you started. It’s by no means exhaustive, but it covers artists and bands from a wide variety of genres including pop, hip hop, dance, heavy metal, and, of … Read more

Bacalhau: A Guide to Portugal’s Favourite Fish

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Bacalhau is Portugal’s national dish, and the Portuguese eat around a million kilos of it every year. It’s eaten at special events and at important annual meals – particularly at Christmas, Good Friday, and Easter Sunday – and many people eat it a couple of times per week as well.  It can be baked, fried, … Read more

Portuguese Drinks: 10 Things You Should Try in Portugal

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What you should eat while you’re in Portugal is something that’s been covered a lot on Portugalist, but what about drinks? Obviously you’ll drink Portuguese wine and beer with your food, but which wine or beer should you drink? And what about after or even before your meal? This guide covers all the different kinds … Read more