Ask Portugalist: Online Grocery Shopping & Delivery in Portugal

Hi James,
I’m visiting Portugal next June, hiring a villa. Is it possible to order an online food shop to be delivered to the villa? If so which supermarket do you recommend?
Karen Kent

Hi Karen,

Yes! Some Portuguese supermarkets offer online shopping and home delivery, but it does depend on where you’re staying. Supermarkets will have a list of postcodes that they deliver to, and some villas will naturally be outside of this.

Jumbo seemed to have the easiest website to use, and it has a wide range of products, so that would probably be the supermarket that I would recommend.

Another option, if you’re within a few miles of a supermarket, would be to get a taxi to the supermarket. The taxi driver can either wait outside, or you can arrange to be picked up at a specific time.

Supermarkets in Portugal that offer home delivery

* Note: this list is changing all the time as more and more supermarkets offer online shopping and delivery to more and more parts of Portugal. 

Jumbo offers online shopping, and the website is available in English making it an easy option for visitors to Portugal. You can enter your villa’s zipcode at the bottom of this page to see whether home delivery is available.

Apolónia, an upmarket supermarket in the Algarve (think Waitrose in the UK), offers online shopping and home delivery. The website is available in English, and it’s fairly easy to use. Currently, Apolónia delivers to most postcodes in Albufeira, Almancil, Faro, Ferreiras, Galé, Loulé, Olhos de Água, Paderne, Sítio dos Quartos, Quarteira, Quinta do Lago, São Lourenço, Vale do Lobo, Vale Formoso and Vilamoura. You can see a regularly-updated list of places that Apolónia delivers to here.

Intermarché offers online shopping and delivery to certain parts of Portugal. In the Algarve, this is around Albufeira, Lagos, Vila Real de Santo Antonio, and Portimão. Delivery is also available to parts of Lisbon and Porto and other parts of Portugal. You can see a list of Intermarché stores that offer home delivery here (just look at the Google Map for shops that offer ‘Entrega No Drive Ou Em Casa’). There is an option to translate the website into English, but it only seems to translate a few words on the page.

Intermarché isn’t the easiest website to use, and it was difficult to easily see whether home delivery was available in a given postcode. It wasn’t until I got to the checkout that I found out home delivery wasn’t available in the area I was looking at.

Continente offers online shopping, but the website is currently only available in Portuguese. You can translate the pages using Google Translate, but it’ll probably be easier just to use a supermarket that already has their website available in English (e.g. Jumbo).

Mercearia Bio offers organic food delivery in the Algarve and the rest of Continental Portugal. Products can be bought individually, or you can buy a vegetable box to take you through the week. Delivery is also available to Madeira and the Azores, excluding refrigerated products. Payment on arrival, so a good option for anyone that doesn’t have a credit card or is concerned about using their card online.

Pingo Doce, Lidl, and Aldi currently don’t offer home delivery.


  1. Hey James, thanks for your posting! We’re a party trying to arrange a supermarket delivery to our villa in Albufeira via Jumbo however they are asking for a VAT number at the end stages of booking do you know anything about this!? Thanks!

    • Some websites ask for a fiscal number (Portuguese financial identity number). Your British Passport number should work, though.

  2. Tried registering for Jumbo but when I click on the email to confirm registration, I only get an error message. Tried many times also on multiple browsers, no avail. Any tips? It seems this is the only English-language option (Mercearia Bio seems ok but has very limited selection).

    Thanks in advance!


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