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Food & Drink

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Portuguese food isn’t something that most people – even the most dedicated foodies – know a lot about, so hopefully these articles will help you find the best things to eat and drink while you’re in Portugal.


Portuguese food guide
Bacalhau Guide
Portuguese cakes & pastries
Pastel de nata
Algarve regional foods
Lisbon for foodies
Foods from Madeira
Weird Portuguese foods
Piri piri chicken
Portuguese snacks
How the “couvert” works
The bifana
The Prego
The Francesinha
The Cataplana
Street food in Portugal
Buying & ordering fish in Portugal
Portuguese desserts
Breads you’ll find in Portugal


Portuguese Wine Guide
Vinho Verde (or Green Wine)
A Comprehensive guide to Port wine
Portuguese gins
Portuguese beer
Portuguese craft beer
Ordering coffee in Portugal
Different drinks available in Portugal

Last updated in September 2019.
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  1. I’m thinking of traveling to Portugal with my husband, 13 and 15 year old girls for Xmas break. I speak some Brazilian portuguese. It’ll be the girls’ first time in Europe, so likely visit 2 cities over 10 days or so. Any suggestions of which would be a great intro to Europe and a fun holiday visit?

    • For Portugal, Lisbon and Porto are the two favourite cities. Christmas time is cold up North (and even in Lisbon) by Portuguese standards, so keep that in mind when packing.

      As for other European cities, I would probably consider at least one Northern European city that has big Christmas markets like Strasbourg, Prague, Vienna, or Nuremburg.

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