I’ve Forgotten My NIF Number, What Do I Do?

By James Cave / Published: January 2022.
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Bordr.io are able to arrange a NIF for €150 (or €140 if you use the code PORTUGALIST). The current turnaround time is one week.

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It can be easy to forget your NIF number, particularly if you spend an extended amount of time outside of Portugal. When you’re not using something every day, your brain simply pushes it to the back of your mind.

Obviously, this can be an issue in Portugal where the NIF number is used for so many different purposes — you might be asked for it at the supermarket or when signing up for broadband, a mobile phone contract, or utilities. And, you’ll most likely want to use it given that if offers certain tax benefits.

According to Kathleen Lo, from Bordr.io, ‘if you are in Portugal, you can go to a Finanças office to request a copy of your NIF. If you are abroad, please get in touch with the Portuguese embassy or consulate nearest you.’

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Apparently, our brains struggle remembering more than seven numbers [1]https://abcnews.go.com/Technology/brain-memory-magic-number/story?id=9189664 and given that the NIF number is nine, this makes it a little harder to remember. Rather than try to remember all nine digits at once, most people split it into three groups e.g. 123-456-789.

Don’t forget to memorise it in Portuguese, since you’ll be giving it out verbally in shops and supermarkets.

Bordr.io are able to arrange a NIF for €150 (or €140 if you use the code PORTUGALIST). For more information, read our guide to getting a Portuguese NIF.

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