Can I Get a Mortgage for Portugal’s Golden Visa?

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James Cave / Last Updated: January 20, 2023 / Posted in: QandA, Visas & Residency

Portugal’s golden visa is an extremely tempting way to obtain residency in Portugal. In return for purchasing a property in Portugal (qualifying prices start at €280,000 but are typically €500,000 or more) those from outside the EU, EEA, and Switzerland can obtain residency in Portugal. But one question many people have is whether or not you can get a mortgage to buy that golden visa property. 

According to Camille Ramiere from Bloom Spaces, “golden visa applicants cannot get a mortgage on the initial qualifying amount. However, you can get a mortgage on anything above the initial qualifying amount.”

What is that initial qualifying amount? As mentioned, there are different price points depending on factors like the region of Portugal and the age of the property but for the sake of this example, let’s assume you would need to spend €500,000 on a property for it to meet the golden visa requirements. If that’s the case, you would need to put down €500,000 in cash. However, if the property were to cost €600,000, you would be able to get a mortgage on the remaining €100,000. 

Use the form below to speak to a mortgage broker who can advise on suitable mortgages for golden visa properties. 

The golden visa has several price points when it comes to residential property, which range from €280,000 to €500,000. €500,000 is the main amount, but there are some exceptions:

  • €400k if it’s in a low population density area
  • €350k if the property is at least 30 years old or in a designated urban rehabilitation area
  • €280k if the property meets the criteria for the €350k price and is also in a low-density area

Another requirement, as of 2022, is that it needs to be in an area that’s eligible for the golden visa. Some places (like Lisbon, Porto, and large parts of the Algarve) no longer qualify for the golden visa. However, most of the interior of Portugal and even a few places in the Algarve still qualify. 

In terms of mortgages, however, the main takeaway is that you can get a mortgage for Portugal’s golden visa but only on the amount above the initial qualifying amount. 

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