Horta Airport (Faial Airport) Guide

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James Cave / Last Updated: June 18, 2021 / Posted in: The Azores

Horta Airport is the airport for the island of Faial. Horta Airport mainly offers flights to other islands in The Azores, as well as flights to Lisbon.

Despite being called Horta Airport, it’s actually a little bit outside of Horta: around 8 km or 10 minutes by car. Because of the distance, it isn’t really possible to walk to the airport from Horta. You’ll need to take a taxi (or, if the timings match, the bus).

Car Rental at Horta Airport

Only two companies have car rental desks in the airport: Ilha Verde and ​Rent-A-Car Auto Turística Faialense, but you’ll find plenty more companies in Horta itself. Some may not have a stand at the airport, but they will bring the car to the airport.

Rentalcars.com lists several companies that operate at the airport including Ilha Verde, Autatlantis, Auto Turistica, Europcar, Hertz, HortaRent, Way2Azores, and 2Rent.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for on rentalcars.com, try Skyscanner.net and, if that fails, try kayak.com.

A few car rental tips for Horta Airport

  • Tip #1: Cars go quickly on The Azores so always book in advance.
  • Tip #2: If you don’t manage to get a car, it’s worth visiting the car rental companies personally and asking. I wasn’t able to book a car online, but I managed to get one from Ilha Verde by going in and asking.
  • Tip #3: There’s a Galp petrol station right next to Horta Airport (map).
  • Tip #4: Some people rent 1 car and use it to visit multiple islands on The Azores – typically Faial, Pico, and São Jorge. You have to pay to take your car on the ferry (and reverse to get on it), but it can work out cheaper and less time-consuming than renting a car on each island.
  • Tip #5: Horta had a lot of places that rented scooters so, if you can’t get a car, consider renting a scooter instead.

Hotels Near Horta Airport

If you want to stay near Horta Airport, there are a few accommodation options located close by.

  • Belo Campo – Guesthouse that’s just 300 metres from Horta Airport.
  • Quinta das Buganvílias – Picturesque bed and breakfast that’s situated 600 metres from Horta Airport.

Taxis & Public Transport at Lajes Internacional Airport


There’s a taxi rank outside of the airport. As of July 2019, a taxi to Horta will cost €10. Taxi drivers are also allowed to charge up to €2.50 per bag (which mine did).

faial taxi price list


While it is possible to book an airport transfer with sites like taxi2airport.com and azoresontravel.com prices were more expensive than just getting a taxi (€10 VS €30-50).

Of course, some people may prefer to have a transfer booked and confirmed. Companies like Azores on Travel also allow you to add extra like child and baby seats, which may be necessary for those travelling with children.


There is a bus that stops at the airport but it’s incredibly infrequent. Unless you’re renting a car, it’s likely that you’ll have to get a taxi to the airport.

Other facilities

  • Parking: Parking is paid and, as of July 2019, costs €0.50 for 15 minutes and €8 per day. It isn’t easy to find free parking on the road nearby but, if you’re persistent, it’s possible.
  • Tourist information: There’s a tourist information stand inside the airport.
  • ATM: There’s an ATM in the airport.
  • Shopping: There’s a “Loja do Peter” gift shop inside the departures area that selling souvenirs, including branded gifts from Peter Café Sport. There’s also a duty free past security.
  • Wifi: Free wifi is available in the airport. It isn’t particularly good, but it’s functional.
  • Food & drink: There’s a cafeteria above Departures before you go through security which has a good view over the runaway. If you want anything to eat or drink, it’s best to go here as it’s mainly just vending machines once you go through security.
  • Lounge: There is a Sata Plus Lounge for premium Azores Airlines customers and Priority Pass members. It’s very basic and only really has drinks (soft drinks, alcoholic drinks, and coffee).

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