How to Create A Great House Sitting Profile

This article assumed you’re already a member of a house sitting site (such as Trusted Housesitters, Housecarers, Nomador etc). If you haven’t already chosen and signed up to a house sitting site, you may want to read our comparison of house sitting sites first.

Think of your house sitter profile as your resumé. It’s a one page overview of who you are, any experience you have and explains why a homeowner should pick you to look after their home.

When you’re writing your profile, try to think about what you’re writing from the point of view of the homeowner. Why should they pick you? Think about what you can offer them. For example:

  • Do you have experience looking after pets?
  • Have you looked after pets for friends or family members?


A picture is a thousand words as they say and pictures are essential to any house sitter profile. Most sites allow you to add a few photos and it’s worth adding as many photos of you as the site allows.

Tip: Add at least one photo of you with a pet (or pets).


House sitting is based on trust and having references make it easier for a homeowner to trust you, a complete stranger, in their home.

If you’re new to house sitting you may not have any references yet. Many sitters get around this by house sitting for friends and family and asking them to leave a reference.

Another way to get references is to take on a few local house sits (in your own city or within a short journey away). Homeowners who can meet you first are more likely to take you on and this can lead to your very first reference. Although you may do this intially just to get a reference, many sitters find that house sitting in their own area can actually be just as fun and rewarding as house sitting abroad.

Some sites also allow you to include other types of references such as character references, employment references or references from previous landlords. Basically, whatever you can show that will present you as a reliable and trustworthy person.

Police Checks

Most of the top house sitters will have a police background check. This is a simple background check that just states you have no criminal records which you can get simply by going into your local police station. Some countries also allow you to apply for this check online.

Given that it makes you more trustable (and house sitting is all about trust) this is definitely worth having but not having it shouldn’t stop you from applying for house sits in the beginning.

Not every country has a system where you can apply for a criminal records background check, however here are some links for countries that do.

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