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Is Housecarers Worth Joining? Read 5+ From Other House Sitters

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Housecarers is one of the longest-running house sitting websites out there. Set up in 2000, the site has been running for more than a decade. It’s one of the most popular house sitting sites and is especially good for finding house sits in the USA, Europe (particularly France) and also Australia, where Housecarers is based.

Over the past few years Housecarers has made a number of improvements to both the design and functionality of the site, making it easier for house sitters and homeowners alike to use it.

Reviews for Housecarers from house sitters are generally always positive and it is consistantly recommended as a house sitting site to join.


Housecarers has one membership plan, a 12 month membership. This costs $50 normally, however you can get the membership here for $45 (10% discount, no discount code needed).

Given the number of house sitting opportunities Housecarers has (it doesn’t have as many as Trusted Housesitters, but it tends to have more than most other sites) this makes Housecarers one of the best value house sitting websites.

How does it compare?

Site Annual Cost Website
Trusted Housesitters $119
Housecarers $50
Mind My House $20
Nomador $89
House Sit Match £49-79


A more in-depth comparison of house sitting sites can be found here.

Last updated in December 2018.
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10 thoughts on “Is Housecarers Worth Joining? Read 5+ From Other House Sitters”

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  1. When I first heard about House Carers (and house sitting in general), I was supiscious. It sounded just too good to be true. Somehow or another though I was convinced and I signed up for an account with House Carers and I haven’t looked back since.

    There is so much variety and so many new house sitting opportunities you can’t go wrong. I would highly recommend House carers to anyone.

  2. I owe the last three years of travel to House Carers. Without them i wouldnt have been able to travel like I have. My hat’s off to you Ian White and anyone else who works at Housecarers.

  3. Four house sits so far and counting!

    We have only been house sitting for a couple of months but already Housecarers has turned out to be one of the best decisions we made when we started to house sit (apart from deciding to go house sitting of course!).

    The site is friendly and easy to use and there’s a good faq section if you’re unsure of something (which we often were in the beginning).

  4. House Carers is a well organised website with excellent customer service and an excellent range of house sitting opportunities. I would happily recommend.

  5. Housecarers pros:
    Only 50 USD per year (we didn’t get a discount but nm)
    Low competition levels
    Used by Americans (a lot of the other sites are very European)

    Housecarers cons:
    Site is basic, especially for homeowners trying to choose sitters.
    Customer service is slow.
    Personal messaging area, although improved, is still very basic.

    Overall, four out of five. We would use again.

  6. This post makes me wanna sign up! We are part of THS and Nomador, but are looking for more variety in selection areas. This might be a great idea! Thanks for the information.


  7. ian runs an excellent site. We have used housecarers for many years and always despite many new house sitting webpages popping up we always come back to housecarers. thanks to housecarers we have done house sitting in australia and in canada and in new zealand. we also have a house sitting job lined up in england for next year.

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