Reviews: European Portuguese Master Course by Mia Esmeriz

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Mia Esmeriz is a Portuguese language teacher from Porto with a masters in teaching Portuguese to foreigners from Porto University. Her courses, which cover A1 to B2 European Portuguese, combines more than 10 years of teaching experience which she has picked up both as a Portuguese teacher and a language learner. Each course is taught through … Read more

Beginner’s Portuguese: Courses, Books, & Other Resources

Your ability to speak a language is normally measured as being at one of three stages: beginner, intermediate, or advanced. Beginner is the first step, so congratulations for taking the plunge. What will You learn at beginner’s level? The beginner’s level (A1 & A2 on the CEFR scale and Accesso and CIPLE on the Portuguese … Read more

Where to Find Portuguese Videos with Subtitles

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There are lots of ways to improve your Portuguese, but one of the most appealing ways is watching videos with subtitles. Unfortunately, it can be very difficult to find videos with subtitles. That’s especially true of European Portuguese – Brazilian Portuguese is slightly easier. That’s all about to change (hopefully) thanks to some of the … Read more

How to Watch Netflix with Dual Language Subtitles

Casa de Papel with Brazilian Portuguese and English subtitles

Netflix is a great tool for language learners. Not only will you find films and TV shows from all over the world on there (including Brazil and very occasionally Portugal) but many of the programs are dubbed into other languages as well. This means that even if there are only a few TV shows or … Read more

How to: Improve Your Portuguese Listening Skills

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Has this ever happened to you: you’re speaking Portuguese, it’s going surprisingly well, and then the other person replies. Suddenly, it’s not going so well. In fact, it’s going so badly that you barely catch a single word of what the other person says. This happens to everybody! Learning to read another language is the … Read more

How To Learn Portuguese by Reading the News & Ebooks in Portuguese

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Reading is an essential part of learning a foreign language. It’s one of the ways that you pickup new vocabulary, see grammar in action, and generally just immerse yourself in that language. If you’re living in Portugal, I would argue that it’s also important to read the news, blogs, and magazines in Portuguese. It’s very … Read more

Learn Portuguese by Reading Portuguese Books on Kindle

Translating on Kindle

Reading books in Portuguese can be a very effective way of learning the language, and having a Kindle makes it a lot easier to get your hands on Portuguese books – especially if you’re not in Portugal.  This article talks about both the Kindle e-Reader and also the Kindle app, which is available for Android, … Read more

How to Learn European Portuguese

So, you’ve decided to learn European Portuguese (as opposed to Brazilian Portuguese). Maybe you’ve decided to move to Portugal, maybe you’ve fallen in love with a Portuguese man or woman, or maybe you’ve just fallen in love with the language. Regardless of your reasons, congrats! Portuguese is a beautiful and incredibly underrated language. And, it’s … Read more

How to Practice Writing in Portuguese

Like reading, listening, and speaking Portuguese, writing is its own skill. It’s possible to excel in the other three areas, but be terrible at writing in Portuguese. Unless you live in a Portuguese-speaking country, and work in a Portuguese-speaking job, you may not actually do a lot of writing in Portuguese. In Portugal, for example, … Read more

How To Get Better At Speaking Portuguese

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Of all the skills (reading, writing, listening, and speaking), speaking is one of the hardest to master. The two main components that people struggle with is The act of speaking, especially thinking on your feet. Pronunciation. But, practice makes perfect, and the the more you specifically work on your Portuguese speaking skills, the more you’ll … Read more