What Living in Lisbon is Like (& Should you Move There)?

Praça Martim Moniz

For a long time, Lisbon was never seen as the place to move to. That was London, Paris, Rome – and all of the other major European capitals. All of that has changed in the past few years, however. Lisbon is now the place that everybody wants to move to.  And, it’s no surprise either. … Read more

Sintra Travel Guide: What to See, Do, & Eat

Sintra Travel Guide Header

Visit Sintra and you will be surrounding by tuk-tuks, tourist trap restaurants, thousands of people taking selfies, and everything else that’s annoying touristy places. But as annoying as all of that can be, it’s not worth missing Sintra over. Sintra is one of the most beautiful places in Portugal, and somewhere that you definitely should … Read more

Lisbon Airport: A Guide for Travellers Flying to and from Lisbon

I’ve been putting together quick guides to each of the airports in Portugal (including Porto and Faro) and thought it was time to get one up about Lisbon Airport. I fly in and out of Lisbon Airport quite a bit (unfortunately normally from Terminal 2, but c’est la via) and so I know it incredibly … Read more

10 Boutique Sintra Hotels That Are Ideal For a Romantic Getaway

Like a real-life fairytale, Sintra is set within the forested foothills of the Serra De Sintra mountains with brightly-coloured palaces at its core. It’s a place to come and discover Portugal’s eclectic history, from its UNESCO-protected Moorish architecture to its opulent gardens once graced by Portuguese royals. Alongside its dreamy sights, you can find a … Read more

18 Lisbon Hotels With Pools That Are Perfect for Cooling Off

Lisbon is a place for exploring, partying and culture seeking, but that doesn’t mean there’s no time for a little relaxation. Alongside the trendy bars, endless coffee shops, and historical landmarks, you can find luxury stays with pools, perfect for cooling off after a long day walking around the city. Visiting in the cooler months? … Read more

Visiting Castelo de São Jorge (Lisbon Castle)

Lisbon Castle Turret

Castelo de São Jorge (often just called Lisbon Castle) is one of Lisbon’s most popular tourist attractions. It sits high up on São Jorge hill, the highest hill in Lisbon, and is an iconic part of Lisbon’s skyline. At night, the castle is lit up and continues to be a part of Lisbon’s beautiful skyline. … Read more

Lisbon Tours: 11 Ways to Explore Lisbon

Lisbon sightseeing tram

From walking to food tours to photography tours, there are so many different tours that you can do in Lisbon. Each tour offers a different perspective on the city, and they are a fantastic way to learn about the city’s culture, food, architecture, and history from people that are truly passionate about Lisbon. The following … Read more

Visiting Pastéis de Belém in Lisbon

nata from pasteis de belem

If it wasn’t for the enterprising Pastéis de Belém, a bakery situated in the Belém neighbourhood of Lisbon, we might not have the pastel de nata (often called a Portuguese custard tart). The café was the first business to begin selling pastéis de nata commercially, and that lead to others trying to copy the recipe, … Read more

Somebody Feed Phil: Phil Rosenthal Visits Lisbon

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Lisbon is a city that has attracted TV chefs and personalities from all over the world. The late Anthony Bourdain was probably the first personality to really put Lisbon on the map, and since then he’s been joined by the likes of British TV chef Rick Stein and now Phil Rosenthal. You may not have … Read more

Airport Transfers at Lisbon Airport

You’ve booked your trip to Lisbon and now you’re wondering how you’ll get from Lisbon Airport to your hotel or accommodation.  For many people, the easiest option is to get an airport transfer at Lisbon Airport – especially if they’re travelling with a lot of luggage. It also gets you to your hostel faster, which … Read more