Living in Portugal

Here, you’ll find all the articles related to living in Portugal – everything from the cost of living, to buying furniture, to making new friends.

Is Portugal Right for You?

Praia da Falesia

Beautiful beaches, great weather, and a low cost of living. What’s not to love?

When it comes to living, Portugal suits lots of people but it also isn’t for everyone. It’s important to be realistic and decide if the pros of living in Portugal will outweigh the cons.

Learning Portuguese

Portuguese grammar book

Although English is widely spoken in Portugal, it definitely makes sense to learn Portuguese if you’re serious about living here.

Learning Portuguese definitely comes with a few challenges, particularly in terms of pronunciation and grammar, but it’s definitely not unachievable.

Read the big guide to learning Portuguese


Algarve house

Whether you’re looking to rent, buy, or even sell, property can feel like a complicated issue when you move to a new country.

It’s something we’ve written about a lot, particularly renting: We have guides to renting in Lisbon, Porto, and the Algarve.


supermarket trolley

Shopping is always a big part of life but, when you move to a new country like Portugal, it can be challenging to know where to shop.

Regardless of whether you’re buying furniture, shopping online, at the supermarket, or trying to get your Amazon orders delivered, we have plenty of guides to help you out.

ALL the latest Articles

Just like your NIF, your número de utente is one of many important numbers that you’ll need to have in Portugal. While the NIF applies to taxes, the número de…

Mia Esmeriz has been teaching European Portuguese online through her website and YouTube channel since 2017. A native Portuguese speaker, she shares some of the resources she recommends to her…

Portugal’s Golden Visa is probably its most famous visa, but it’s definitely not the only residency visa that the country offers. Two other popular visas include the D7 and the…

The startup visa is aimed at tech entrepreneurs who want to launch a tech-based startup in Portugal or open a branch of an existing startup here.  Over the past few…

Yes! If you become a Portuguese citizen – something you can do after living in Portugal for just 5 years – you will not be asked to give up your…

Increasingly, more and more consulates are asking people moving to Portugal to have a Portuguese bank account before they move to Portugal in order to get their visa approved. If…

NHR, Portugal’s non-habitual residency tax regime, is something that has gained a lot of international excitement and attention. But, as anyone who has tried delving into the scheme will know,…

There are lots of reasons to live in Portugal – the weather, food, and the culture, for example – but another good reason is the residency visas. For an ever-increasing…

Over the past few years, more and more Americans have been moving to Portugal.  You may not have considered moving to Portugal before. In fact, you may not have even…

If you’re planning on moving to Portugal, you’ll come across the word NIF a lot. NIF is short for Número de Identificação Fiscal and it’s often called a Número de…

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