UK Virtual Mailboxes: How Expats & Nomads Can Keep A UK Address

UK letterbox

A lot of people that move to Portugal have legitimate reasons to want to keep an address in the UK. Some expats have businesses there, and need to hold a registered business address. Others need a more residential address so that they can receive things like bank statements or new bank cards and other important … Read more

Gift Vouchers for People in Portugal: 10+ Easy Gift Ideas

wrapped gift on table

Buying gifts for people living in Portugal or that are coming to Portugal can be difficult but, thankfully, more and more companies now offer gift cards that can be used here. And, let’s be honest: a gift card is a present that’s actually going to get used.  Gift cards are especially great for people that … Read more

Brexit & Portugal: Holiday & Expat FAQs


This article tries to answer a few questions about Brexit and Portugal but, the truth is, when it comes to Brexit, nobody really knows what’s going to happen. Despite the confusion, this article aims to provide accurate answers to some of the biggest Brexit questions that British travellers and expats have. Disclaimer aside, the good … Read more

Portugal for Digital Nomads (there’s more than just Lisbon)

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Talk about being a digital nomad in Portugal and most people will assume that you mean Lisbon. They’re probably right too: although nomads travel to other parts of Portugal (particularly Porto and the Algarve), the majority of nomads are based in the Portuguese capital. It’s easy to see why. Lisbon is one of the largest … Read more

Coding Bootcamps in Portugal

coding and coffee

If you’re thinking about learning to code, why not learn in Portugal? Portugal, especially Lisbon where the majority of coding bootcamps are located, has great weather, a growing tech scene. It’s also just a fun place to spend a few months. There are now several coding bootcamps in Portugal that’ll teach you everything that you … Read more

A Guide to Buying Furniture in Portugal


Anyone living in Portugal will have to buy furniture at some point or another. Maybe you need to furnish an entire apartment or house, or maybe you just need one or two small things. Either way, the question is: where should you go to buy furniture in Portugal? The answer depends a lot on the … Read more

18 Downsides to Living in Portugal

Tram 28

Let’s face it, nowhere is perfect. No matter where you live in the world there are things you love, and there are things that you wish were different. Portugal is like that. There are a lot of pros to life in Portugal: the weather is great, the cost of living is low, the beaches are … Read more

10+ Package Forwarding Companies That Ship to Portugal

Online shopping in Portugal is pretty limited in comparison to many other European countries. There isn’t even an if you want to shop on Amazon, you’ll need to head to Amazon Spain, UK, or Germany. If that wasn’t bad enough, many sellers on Amazon (and eBay) don’t ship to Portugal. This problem isn’t unique … Read more

Opening a Revolut Bank Account in Portugal

revolut payment

Bank accounts normally aren’t free in Portugal, so app-based digital banks like Revolut and N26, as well as Portugal’s own Activobank, have become extremely popular. As of January 2019, Revolut has more than 100,000 registered users in Portugal alone and the number is expected to grow. Aside from being free, it’s easy to see why … Read more

Fitness Hut: Portugal’s Chain of No Frills, Low-Cost Gyms

Fitness Hut is a Portuguese chain of low-cost gyms that’s essentially taken Ryanair or Easyjet’s approach to air travel and applied it to gyms. There are no frills like fresh towels, a friendly receptionist, or even shower gel in the showers – you’ll have to bring that with you.  But, do you even need all … Read more