Can a Married Couple Share a NIF Number?

By James Cave / Published: January 2022.
Posted in: QandA

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It’s not unusual for long-term couples, particularly married couples, to share things, such as a joint bank account. What’s mine is yours, after all. Some couples also share an email address and even a mobile phone number. But what about a NIF number? Can a married couple share a NIF number?

According to Kathleen Lo from, a company that specialises in obtaining NIFs for prospective expats, ‘each individual needs their own NIF number. As a married couple, you can share a joint bank account, but will still need your own NIF numbers to open it.’

So, it seems the NIF is a little different to a bank account and it’s something that every individual needs. Even children need a NIF eventually, usually to enroll in school.

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This means that if you’re using a lawyer as a fiscal representative, you’ll have to pay for them to obtain two NIF numbers rather than just the one. You may also need them to open a Portuguese bank account for you as well, although you may only need one bank account, as Kathleen states. are able to arrange a NIF for €150 (or €140 if you use the code PORTUGALIST). For more information, read our guide to getting a Portuguese NIF.

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