Is Nomador Worth Joining? Read Reviews From Other House Sitters

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Given the French connection, Nomador has a lot of house sits in France although they are becoming more prominent in the rest of the world and so there are a lot more house sits being added from around the world, particularly from Australia where the company is based.

How does Nomador compare?

Site Annual Cost Website
Trusted Housesitters $119
Housecarers $50
Mind My House $20
Nomador $89
House Sit Match £49-79


A more in-depth comparison of these house sitting sites can be found here

Have you used Nomador? Please help others decide whether Nomador is worth signing up for by sharing a review of Nomador in the comments section below. 

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  1. I am a member of several house sitting sites however of those Nomador is my favorite. It is by far the only site to listen to the criticisims and feedback of its users and to put those suggestions into place.

  2. A very good site however most of the house sitting jobs are in France or Switzerland and it charges the price of an international site not a site that only has house sitting jobs in one country.

  3. Not international. 99% France and Switzerland?!! We are new to house-sitting, registered for Nomador and TrustedHousesitters. We’ve 3 house sits accepted/offered to us with trusted house sitters and zero offers or suitable sits with Nomador. Our 3-month subscription has expired and I can’t see me renewing. Nomador…… Very disappointing. Money paid for absolutely nothing. ?

  4. i had booked a sitter that turned out to be very respectless, rude and even stole money from me. nomador obviously didn’t want to loose her and took no action at all. they even refused to let me give a review. not to be trusted!


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