What to See & Do in Porto

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There’s so much to see and do in Porto. From historical attractions to Port tasting, you’ll probably finish your trip to Porto wishing you’d had more time here. Every time I come to Porto, I always find new interesting shops, attractions, and hidden gems all around the city. What to SEE Ribeira Neighbourhood Verdict: See … Read more

Barcelos Travel Guide: What to See in Portugal’s Rooster City

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After seeing the Barcelos rooster everywhere in Portugal, and even using it in the logo for this website, I knew Barcelos was just somewhere that I had to visit. As luck would have it, I’ve ended up visiting it several times and am now intimately familiar with the famous rooster city. Barcelos’ best attraction is … Read more

Amarante Travel Guide: What to See & Do

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Amarante is one of the most beautiful towns in Portugal, and somewhere that I’ve actually been coming to for many decades – first as a child living in Portugal, then as a teenager visiting with family, and most recently as an adult. Even though the town is small, I’ve been here before, and I’ve seen … Read more

Living in Porto: What’s it Like and Should you Move There?

Portugal’s second city has long been overlooked by expats interested in moving to Portugal but, as rental and purchase prices continue to rise in Lisbon, more and more people are seeing the appeal of Porto. It isn’t just cheaper accommodation costs and an overall lower cost of living that make Porto appealing, however. Porto is … Read more

Porto For Foodies: 10 Regional Dishes to Look out for

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I’ve spent a lot of time in Porto, and a lot of that time was spent eating. Over the years I’ve tried everything on this list, often making special pilgrimages to find each of the dishes. Hopefully it’ll help you, fellow foodie, make the most of your time in Porto. Loosen those belts foodies! Porto … Read more

Pinhão: A Popular Stop on the Douro Trail

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I was in the North of Portugal just as Autumn was coming in and I thought: where better to see the leaves change colour than the Douro Valley? Although I had driven near Pinhão plenty of times, I hadn’t ever stopped off there. Knowing it was one of the most popular towns in The Douro, … Read more

A Guide to Porto Airport

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I’ve flown to and from Porto Airport quite a few times, so thought I would put together a really comprehensive guide about Porto Airport – everything from getting into Porto City Centre, to renting a car, and sleeping at the airport. If there’s anything that’s not covered, don’t hesitate to ask. Porto International Airport (Francisco … Read more

Airport Transfers at Porto Airport

You’re heading to Porto or somewhere nearby and you’re wondering how you get from the airport to your destination.  An airport transfer is definitely one of the easiest ways to get there. It’s much less hassle than hiring a car or taking public transport. It also means that you’ll get to your accommodation a lot … Read more