One Hour Wine – Wine Tasting & Instruction in Lisbon


Did you know that Portugal has more native grape varieties than France? Or that it’s got the most vineyards by percentage of any country? During One Hour Wine you’ll learn fun facts like this and more while quaffing your way through Portugal, from Minho to Madeira.

The point of the course is to learn how to navigate a Portuguese wine list. You might laugh, but it can be surprisingly difficult – and I say that as a WSET level 3 qualified wino.

Although you’ll probably find old favourites like Merlot and Sauvignon Blanc they’re usually squeezed between local varietals that most casual wine drinkers haven’t heard of – Tinto Cão, anyone?

With the help of Miles – a viticulturist who’s dabbled in wine-making across the country – you’ll quickly learn your Touriga Nacional from your Touriga Franca.

During the hour you learn which are the two best wine regions in Portugal (and which ones to avoid), which region to choose if you prefer international varietals like Sauvignon Blanc and Cabernet, and which is the best local grape variety.

You’ll also learn why you’ll never see a vintage port with 1972 on the bottle. My lips are sealed.

One Hour Wine will be popping up across Lisbon over the next few months, so keep an eye on their courses page for more information. I have no idea if they’re planning to vary their prices, but I noticed one course for just €20. It’s really great value considering the amount (and quality) of wine you get to quaff, plus the fun facts that will easily impress your pals.

Alternatively, you can book a private One Hour Wine course for six or more people. Perfect if you’re planning a party or a get-together with friends.

Team Portugalist was very kindly invited along by Mercer Keebler PR to the press preview. All opinions are absolutely our own. 


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