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  • Bonnie Prime 1 year ago

    looking for a beautiful little town to retire to ..what does it take to move to Portugal and things I should know…good and bad…

    1. James 1 year ago

      Hi Bonnie,

      That’s a big topic and not something I could cover in one short answer, but it’s worth me saying that Portugal has a very positive attitude towards retirees and many people choose to retire here every year. If you have a pension or some way of supporting yourself financially, that’s a big positive step in the right direction. There are some challenges in terms of visas and paperwork, but that’s the case in a lot of countries.

      In terms of downsides, no country is without its faults and it’s something I’ve written about here: http://www.portugalist.com/portugal-downsides/

      I hope to cover retirement in Portugal in more detail over the coming months 🙂

    1. James 1 year ago

      Hi Alison,

      What information? Is there anything in particular you’re interested in knowing about?

  • Janet 1 year ago

    We are a group of four with luggage and hand luggage. Wanting to travel from Porto to Ferragudo by van or a larger vehicle mid September. Could be a limo or private transportation company.

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