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  • Jun 9 months ago

    Preparing to move to Lisbon in about 2-3 years, we are now looking at a property in Lapa/Madragoa as a place to live/retire. Upon acquisition, we are going to rent it out for the meantime. What we like about the area is that it is close to the “happening” places but far enough to be quiet and peaceful. Am I correct? Do you think we made a good choice, in terms of investment and/or as a place of residence?

    1. James 9 months ago

      Hi Jun,

      I think that’s a fair assessment of Lapa although a lot could change in 2-3 years. I can’t really say whether it would be a good investment or not, but it’s definitely a part of Lisbon that I would be happy to live in. I know others who would find it a bit too far from the action, though, particularly if you’re thinking of short-term renters (Airbnb types).

      1. Jun 9 months ago

        Hi James! It’s good to know that it’s an area you’d be happy to live in. Our primary goal is precisely that – a place/area of residence, where it’s generally quiet and not right smack into where the action is. So yes, we are good with long-term, not short-term, renters for the property. Thank you for the feedback.:-)

  • Jenny 11 months ago

    Your guide is so useful! Do you have any specific restaurant recommendations for Lisbon (perhaps some local non touristy spots?) – I have noted some the the best nata’s places but how about for the other foods you mention trying?

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