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  • Doug 1 year ago

    Visited there in 2017 and loved it. Most of the reviews of this town underrate it in my opinion. At the end of each day hundreds of people park their cars by the sea and cliffs at Cape Saint Vincent to watch the gorgeous sunset – it’s quite an experience for North Americans considering we are usually sitting in traffic during that time coming home from work. They are living right in Sagres! The only drawback was the wind – it gets very windy there. We visited many areas of Portugal starting with Lisbon and working our way down and our best restaurant experience by far was in Sagres at Adega dos Arcos which is a locals place that was kind of hard to find. We found one restaurant/bar on the beach near our hotel and got wine and beer for less than $10 – ON THE BEACH! In the USA that’s not happening on any beach. Next time we go to the Algarve we will definitely go back to Sagres for a visit.

    1. James 1 year ago

      Hey Doug,

      Thank you so much for your comment! So glad you liked Sagres

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