8+ Luggage Storage Options in Porto

Carrying bags, whether it’s a suitcase or a backpack, is one of the hardest parts of travelling. Even a small daybag can be difficult to lug around, especially in somewhere as hilly as Porto. 

Thankfully, there are a number of luggage storage options in Porto, from train station lockers to shops and other businesses that offer luggage storage on their premises. These options are located throughout Porto City Centre, as well as on the outskirts and at the airport so, regardless of your plans, you should be able to find something that meets your needs. 

Luggage Hero

Luggage Hero is a popular luggage storage service that allows you to find shops, restaurants, and cafés where you can leave your bag for a few hours, days, or even weeks.

While there are plenty of other companies that offer a similar service (such as NannyBag or Radical Storage, for example), Luggage Hero has some of the highest insurance cover of any of the services. It also allows you to book by the hour, which is perfect if you only need to use it while you check in or out of a hotel.


Nannybag is a website that allows you to find local shops, cafés, and other businesses that allow you to store your bags on their premises. This Airbnb-type approach to baggage storage means that you can find storage options all over Porto, rather than just in the train station or at the airport. 

Storage costs €6 per day for the first bag, and €4 per day for every day after that. There are no weight or size restrictions, and your bag is insured for up to €1500. 


Stasher is another luggage storage search engine that allows you to find locals shops and businesses where you can store your bags for a few hours, a day, or even longer. 

Storage costs €6 per bag for the first 24 hours and €5 for every day after that. There are no restrictions on the size or weight of the bag, and your possessions are insured for up to €750. 


With Luggit, there’s no need to lug anything: a Luggit driver will come to you and collect your bag. Simply use the app to select where you want your bag, suitcases, or surfboards collected from and where you want it returned to (it can even be a different location in Porto).

  • Store your luggage for as long as you like.
  • You can also store large items like bicycles and surfboards.
  • Use the code PORTUGALIST to get €3 off.

Spot Luggage & Lounge

Spot Luggage & Lounge is situated opposite Trindade Station, which is the station you’ll get off if you’re coming in from Porto Airport

chairs at spot luggage and storage

Most luggage storage places normally just consist of lockers or are a shop that’ll tag your bags and put them in the back. Spot Luggage & Lounge, on the other hand, is more like an airport lounge. As well as a place to put your bags, it also has big comfortable armchairs, free wi-fi, a daily breakfast buffet from 7:30-11:00, showers and toilets where you can freshen up ( for €5), a bar, and tables and chairs with power sockets that you can work from. You can also book tours, as well as rent bikes and scooters. If you need to print your boarding pass, you can do that for free as long as you use any of their other services. 

buffet at spot luggage and storage

You’ll find Spot Luggage & Lounge opposite Trindade Station on Rua de Camões 33, 4000-144, Porto. Storage costs €5 per bag, per day, regardless of size. 

Radical Storage

Radical Storage (formerly BagBnB) is another website that allows you to find places where you can store your bags and suitcases. Storing a bag costs €5 per day, regardless of the size or weight and you can even store a bicycle bag. Bags are insured for up to €500, which is a lot less than other similar services, so don’t leave anything too expensive inside. 

Laundry & Lockers

Laundry & Lockers combines two services that travellers often need…well, you guessed it: laundry and lockers. Store your luggage for the day, wash your clothes, or both, as well as use their free 5G internet to plan the rest of your trip. 

Luggage storage at Porto Airport

There are both lockers (1st floor) and a baggage deposit area (3rd floor) at Porto Airport. 

lockers at porto airport

The lockers are priced per 4h period, while the baggage storage area is priced per day. The best option depends on how long you need the luggage storage for and the size and weight of the bags. Heavy items as well as bulky items such as bicycles and surfboards are better suited to the baggage deposit area. 

You can see prices for both on Porto Airport’s website

Note: I visited Porto Airport in July 2019, and the lockers were out of order and the baggage storage area wasn’t open. I don’t imagine this happens all the time but clearly it can, so it’s good to have a Plan B just in case. 

Luggage storage at Porto train stations

There are luggage storage facilities at both São Bento and Campanhã. 

São Bento, in downtown Porto, has small, medium, and large coin-operated lockers. 

Campanhã, on the outskirts of Porto, has small, medium, and large coin-operated lockers as well. 

City Lockers also has luggage storage lockers in Trindade Metro station, Bolhão Metro station, Aliados Metro station, and 24 de Agosto Metro station. You can store your bag for up to 7 days as standard, but you’ll need to get in touch if you want to store your bags for any longer than that. 

Spot Luggage & Lounge (mentioned above) is also opposite Trinidade Metro Station. 

The right option for you

There are countless luggage storage options in Porto, and the best one depends a lot on what’s right for you. 

If you’re getting into Porto early, and need somewhere to store your bag before you can check into your accommodation, you’ll want to find somewhere that you can get back to easily or somewhere that’s near your accommodation. 

If you’re checking out of your hotel or accommodation, the same idea applies: you’ll want to leave your bag somewhere that you can easily collect it from later. 

If you’re flying into Porto and are going to spend the day in the city before heading back out, then maybe it’s easiest to leave your bag at the airport. 

Luggage storage in other parts of Portugal

Travelling to the capital next? Be sure to read our guide to luggage storage in Lisbon.

15 thoughts on “8+ Luggage Storage Options in Porto”

  1. Well, the saga continues. Just happened by my reservation for Nannybag on the way to Decathlon and there was a sign saying “unforeseen “ circumstances closed the shop. By this time I had found several locations that were unaffiliated with an online service. I used one that was much more convenient. But given my luck it will burn down before I get my luggage back.

  2. Beware that some nanny bag places do not have a clerk at the desk. It isn’t at all clear how you’re supposed to collect your nanny bag reservation. If I had waited until tomorrow to drop off my bag it would’ve been a total mess. I checked it out in advance Nanny bag gave me a refund and a 10% discount for my trouble. I found a place with a clerk. Good luck

  3. Hi

    Great website. Loving it. We have a luggage related query but not sure if this is the right place. Arriving at Porto Airport with about 10 checked bags (we are relocating to the Porto area). I am looking for porter services but I can’t find these at the airport website. Send them an email but no reply. Do you know if they have porters we can hire to help us from the baggage claim area through to the car? Or alternatively are the luggage carts at Porto large enough to hold 3 to 5 large suitcases each? I forgot to check last time I passed through the airport.

    • Hi Edward,

      I’m not sure about the porter services as this isn’t something I’ve used before. I also have never taken 3-5 suitcases on the luggage carts but, looking at a photo of the airport, it looks like people can fit at least 3-4 big bags on the suitcases. 5 might be just about possible.

      Also, I don’t know if http://www.portoairportassistance.com/ would be worth looking at?

  4. Hi,

    Do the Lockers at Porto fit the typical (Ryanair/Easyjet) cabin bag trolley bags with wheels do you know? I have a flight post midnight so the main luggage storage option isn’t feasible for me.

    Thanks, Martyn

    • Hi Martyn,

      The dimensions, according to Porto Airport website, are:

      Prices per item and per 4h period:

      351 x 457 x 855mm: €1.50
      351 x 945 x 855mm: €2.00
      525 x 945 x 855mm and 212 x 1925 x 555: €2.50

      Prices include VAT at the legal rate.

  5. Hi,
    We will be walking the Camino from Porto to Santiago, and then returning to Porto to fly home. We’ll be away 17 days.
    What are our best options to store 2 carry-ons for that length of time?

    • Hi Robbie,

      Take a look at the options mentioned in the article. Pretty much all of them offer luggage storage, and luggage storage for that length of time.

      If you’re flying into Porto Airport, the luggage storage facility there might be the easiest option. The price for bags up to 10 kg in weight is very reasonable.

  6. Goodday.
    We fly to Porto only in June. We then need to leave our luggage for +- 8 days as we are only taking our backpack to start walking the Camino from Valença.

    Upon our return in 8 days or so we would spend around 3 days in Porto before we head to Lisbon.

    What is the best option for our luggage? Must we ask the place where we would stay in Porto for 3 days to keep itor must we leave it at the train station as we are taking the bus or train to Valenca

    Thank you

    • Hi Jansie,

      You can ask at the place that you’re staying, but normally a hotel would only expect to store your luggage for a couple of hours rather than days. It’s usually just if someone is checking out in the morning and has a flight later in the day.

      Any of the luggage storage options mentioned above will be fine. Websites like Stasher and Bagbnb are both worth looking at, or you could call one of the luggage storage companies like Spot Luggage & Lounge to see if they’ll give you a special rate for the 8 days.


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