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Uber, Cabify, My Taxi – The Best Taxi Apps in Portugal

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There are now several other taxi apps in Portugal including Bolt (Taxify), Free Now (My Taxi), and Cabify, and more and more taxi apps are launching all the time.

The newest, Kapten, is one of the cheapest (if not the cheapest). They’re offering €6 free credit to anyone that signs up (or double that if you’re in Porto). Simply signup here and use the code JAMCAV when asked for a promo code. 

Free Credit Comparison Table

A number of taxi apps offer you free credit when you ride with them for the first time. 

Company Free Credit Code/Signup Link
Kapten (Chauffeur Privé) € 6 JAMCAV
Cabify €6 jamesc130
Free Now (MyTaxi) € 5 james.cav
Bolt (Taxify) € 3 2Y3QU
Uber £3 Link

Tip: After you’ve had a free ride, use the invite section to invite your friends and family to signup. Once they do, you’ll get more free rides. 

Bolt (Taxify)

Bolt (previously called Taxify) has quickly become very popular here in Portugal, particularly in Lisbon. Although they’re only offering €3 free credit to new customers, they’re usually one of the cheapest options overall (even with surge pricing). 

. The biggest downside to Bolt/Taxify is that taxis always take much longer to arrive than estimated, and much longer than apps like Uber or Free Now.

  • Fare Estimate (Praça do Comércio to Lisbon Airport): €7-9. 
  • Free Credit: Get €3 free credit towards your first trip with this code:
    2Y3QU (download the app, select ‘payments’ from the menu, and add the code). 
  • App available for iOS and Android.

Free Now

MyTaxi/Free Now/Hailo (this company changes names a lot) connects passengers with licenced taxis, unlike Uber, for example, which allows anyone to become an Uber driver.

This can make it more expensive than the likes of Taxify or Uber but, on the plus side, it’s usually much quicker to get a taxi. That’s especially true when it’s raining, or if a big event has just finished. 

A licenced taxi in Portugal doesn’t necessarily mean your journey is any safer, but some people prefer the security of getting into an actual taxi. If that’s you, this is the best app for you to use. 

  • Fare Estimate (Praça do Comércio to Lisbon Airport): €11.
  • Free Credit: Get ~€5 free credit with the code: james.cav (download the app and select ‘add promo code’ from the menu). 
  • App available for iOS and Android.


Uber needs no introduction. It’s the most-recognised taxi app, and that means it usually has the most drivers as well.

That’s a very important point. If you’re standing in the centre of Lisbon, you should be able to easily get a taxi with Uber, Cabify, Taxify, or any of the other taxi companies.

If, however, you’re even a little bit out of the city centre, your nearest Cabify or Taxify driver could be 10-15 minutes away. Often, there are no drivers nearby and you don’t even need to be that far from the city centre for that to be the case. In comparison, because they have so many drivers, an Uber driver might be less than 5 minutes away.

Now, that doesn’t mean Uber is perfect. When it starts to rain in Portugal and there’s surge pricing, Uber can be expensive. When that happens, you’ll definitely want to have some of the other taxi apps to hand.

In terms of getting a ride, and getting a ride fast, however, Uber is definitely the best. It’s available in Lisbon, Porto, and the Algarve, and hopefully will expand to other cities soon.

  • Fare Estimate (Praça do Comércio to Lisbon Airport): €9-13 with UberX (no surge pricing).
  • Free Credit: Get free credit (amount varies) towards your first trip via this link or add the code jamesc64889ui within the app. 
  • App available from iOS and Android.


Kapten (formerly Chauffeur Privé) is a French taxi app that’s popular in Paris, Cannes, and Lyon, and has recently launched in Lisbon and Porto. It has quite a lot of drivers in Lisbon already, and is rapidly growing in popularity. Unfortunately, they only offer €3 free credit, which isn’t a lot, but they’re usually very cheap so it’s worth giving them a try. 

  • Fare Estimate (Praça do Comércio to Lisbon Airport): €7.90.
  • Free Credit: Get €6 free credit with the code JAMCAV (download the app, go to ‘Coupons and Credits’ and add the code. 
  • App available for iOS and Android.


Cabify is essentially the Uber of the Spanish and Portuguese-speaking world. It has a strong presence in Spain, Mexico and Brazil, and a growing presence in countries like Argentina, Chile, Peru, and Colombia. It’s also available in Portugal, although initially just in Lisbon and Porto.

It seems like Cabify are differentiating themselves by being the upmarket taxi service. The cars are always nice, and often brand new, and they often give out Cabify-branded water and sweets as well. This does mean that Cabify is often more expensive than other services like Uber or Taxify. 

  • Fare Estimate (Praça do Comércio to Lisbon Airport): €12.15.
  • Free Credit: €6 with code jamesc130 
  • App available for iOS and Android.

Last updated in July 2019.
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34 thoughts on “Uber, Cabify, My Taxi – The Best Taxi Apps in Portugal”

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  1. James I Am in Canada and trying to set up account with Uber using the address you gave to get the free credit. But it says Captcha must be solved. Is there a problem

  2. My CABIFY experience in Porto resulted in wrong arrival date, duplicate bookings and charges. Cabify refused to refund the duplicate charges and / or acknowledge the mistake. From my experience, not a well intentioned customer service, and a fleece the customer at all costs mentality.

  3. Global Uber user : I have used Uber in poland Portugal but also in Malaysia. So far: great service and always correct ! I like it.

    • Hi Jackie,

      I’m not 100% sure if Uber etc is available in Fatima, which may mean that the driver won’t go there. 7 is also a difficult number to get in a single taxi. The biggest are usually 6-seaters.

      I think you’ll need to book a minibus (and a driver, if nobody in your group wants to drive). might be a good place to begin your search.

  4. Hi I am arriving in Lisbon by myself and going to Sintra taxi is $98 CND. I will arrive at 11 am but after customs I will probably be out at 12. Do you know what is the best way to get to Sintra?

    • Hi Christine,

      The Uber estimate is €20-30, so much cheaper. The Kaplan taxi app may be even cheaper, as this seems to be the cheapest taxi app at the moment, esp if you signup for the first journey discount.

      Welcome Pickups, an airport transfer company, quote 32. This is more than the Uber but you get the benefit of someone waiting for you at arrivals and not having to look for the Uber at midnight.

  5. Thank you very much for your help. Is it possible to get to Sintra hotel oceano by train, bus, subway? I arrive mid day and can’t check in until 3 pm so I do have 3 hours to get there.

    • Hi Christine,

      Take the metro from the airport to Restauradores.
      Get off at Restauradores, take the train from Lisbon to Portela de Sintra (the penultimate stop on the Sintra line).
      From there, either:
      1 ) take a taxi to the hotel (Ubers etc might also be available).
      2) Take Bus #441 (towards Azenhas do Mar or Fontanelas) which goes to Praia das Maças near the hotel.
      3) Take the tram, which has a stop outside the hotel.

    • Hi can you please help me with the problem of whether I can get to Sintra from Lisbon by train, bus, metro?

  6. I’m going to Lisbon with 8 years child. Is it possible to order transport with booster cushion for kid by any aplication?

  7. Ahoj James
    Letím 17.7 do Faro a budu se potřebovat dostat do Porches, neumím skoro vůbec Aj, prosím jaká je nejlepší možnost, jak se tam dostat. Děkuji

    • Lenka,

      You have several options:

      1. Airport transfer from Faro Airport to Porches (see here)
      2. Take an Uber (or a traditional taxi) to Porches
      3. Take the airport bus (#16) into Faro, then take the train to a nearby train station (e.g. Alcantarilha), and then take a taxi from the train station to Porches
      4. Take the airport bus (#16) into Faro, then take the bus to Lagoa* (see timetables on Eva Bus), and then take a taxi from Lagoa to Porches
      5. Rent a car.

      * There is a bus from Faro to Porches, but I think it only goes once per day.

  8. Hey! I am planning a trip around the monasteries in the middle of Portugal. Coaches are very far and few in between, so I am looking at taxis.
    In particular, I asked Rádio Táxis Ideal Leiria what the cost of a one-way trip from Batalha to Tomar (45km ~35mins) is and they said 60€.
    Do you know if these companies you listed operate also outside of the major centres? (Leiria is just a mid-size town and Batalha lies just outside of it…)

    Many thanks! 🙂

    • Hey Davide,

      Most of the companies listed only work in larger urban areas like Lisbon and Porto, but I’m pretty sure you can get from Batalha to Tomar by local bus (not coach). Take a look at which will show you their timetables.

      Tomar is great! The Convento de Cristo is one of the most interesting places that I’ve visited in Portugal. (That reminds me: I need to do a writeup on Tomar).

      • Hey James,

        Thanks for the heads-up. I guess I’ll just book a normal taxi then (I’d assume different companies charge more or less the same).

        On the first day I’m thinking of doing Lisboa-Óbidos-Alcobaça-Nazaré with coaches and local transport and it should be a fine trip. The day after I’d do Nazaré-Batalha in the morning – and it should be fine.

        Then it gets tricky! Timetables are really random and like twice or once day (I’m Italian, so I’m pretty used to random public transport…): weirdly there is no good connection between Batalha and Leiria, nor between Leiria and Tomar. But there are connections between Fátima and Tomar. So I thought about doing Batalha-Fátima by taxi and then take the coach to Tomar. However, the taxi fare for the Batalha-Fátima leg is 40€ (and it’s only like 17km). So for an extra 20€ I might as well take the taxi straight to Tomar, save the hassle of changing in Fátima, and then the train back to Lisbon in the evening.

          • Oh wow! I have no idea how I missed out on the Batalha-Leiria leg of the journey! Thanks for the tip!

            I’ll investigate on taxis from Leiria to Tomar (I checked and there is only one coach at 18:00)

  9. Hi. I am moving to Porto from the US, so my baggage is pretty heavy. I am staying in Lisbon, then taking a train to Porto, but am worried about getting from my hotel to the train with my luggage. Will an car take me close to the train so I don’t have to carry luggage up or down stairs? If not, any idea how much a ride to Porto would cost? Haha. A lot, I’m sure.

    • €233 is the estimate on Uber. I don’t know if you’d be better off renting a car (see this guide to 1-way car rental fees).

      Another option would be to ship your stuff from Lisbon to Porto. Normally you pay around €20-30 for a box or suitcase weighing up to 20 kg.

      As for the trains stations, there is quite a distance from the road to the platforms in both Entrecampos and Oriente if I remember correctly.

  10. Hi James.
    Are you certain Cabify is working in Madeira? I’ve downloaded the app, along with Uber and Kapten and all say that I’m outside the area of service – staying just a few kilometres from the centre of Funchal.
    Any updates you have, as well as alternative services to get around would be appreciated

    • Hi David,

      It looks like Cabify was available there initially but not anymore. I think it’s the same with Uber as well, unfortunately.

      I’ve updated the post and if I find any taxi apps that do work in Madeira, I’ll definitely let you know!

  11. I’m going to have a flight at 6:30 am from Lisbon, meaning a very early ride to the airport (at 5:00 am?). Are there taxis enough for a night ride, too? Or is it possible to book one in advance (in the previous day)?

    • Hi Janis,

      Yes, there will be taxis at 5 am. You have a few options:

      I know you can prebook rides on Uber. You could also ask your hotel to prebook one, or you could phone one of the taxi companies in Lisbon and ask them to prebook you one.

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