Alte Property for Sale: Apartments, Houses, & More

Discover the tranquil charm of Alte, a picturesque inland town nestled in the heart of the Algarve. Known for its beautiful fontes (springs) and serene surroundings, Alte offers a peaceful retreat for those seeking a nature-oriented lifestyle. Immerse yourself in the friendly community, stroll through the narrow streets lined with whitewashed houses, and enjoy the idyllic scenery of the surrounding hills. With its authentic Portuguese character and proximity to the coast, Alte is the perfect place to call home.

Nestled in the heart of the Central Algarve lies the captivating village of Alte, a rural Algarvian village that’s perfect for those seeking a more authentic Portuguese lifestyle.

With its cobbled alleys, terracotta-roofed houses, and unspoilt countryside, Alte is incredibly picturesque. The village’s natural springs, once a gathering place for locals to fill their pitchers and share stories, now serve as a tranquil spot for picnics and refreshing dips during the warm summer months.

For those searching for their dream home, Alte offers a range of properties that embody the essence of this charming village. Many of the houses for sale are older properties, brimming with character and potential. These homes often come with land, providing the perfect opportunity to put your personal touch on your new abode and embrace a more self-sufficient lifestyle.

Don’t miss your chance to make this enchanting village your home. Explore the properties available in Alte today and take the first step towards embracing a more authentic Portuguese experience.