Ericeira Property for Sale: Apartments, Houses, & More

Discover the charming seaside town of Ericeira, a hidden gem located just northwest of Lisbon, where world-class surfing, stunning coastal views, and a laid-back lifestyle combine to create the perfect setting for your dream property. With its picturesque streets, friendly community, and unique blend of traditional and modern influences, Ericeira offers a truly enchanting experience for those seeking a more relaxed and authentic Portuguese way of life.

Ericeira, a charming former fishing village turned world-renowned surfing destination, offers a unique and exciting opportunity for those looking to buy property and embrace a lifestyle that perfectly balances the thrill of the waves with the tranquility of a small town. As Europe’s first and only World Surfing Reserve, Ericeira attracts surfers from all corners of the globe to its golden-sand Ribeira d’Ilhas beach throughout the year. The town proudly hosts the World Qualifying Series (WQS) and national championships, cementing its status as a mecca for surf enthusiasts.

Located just over an hour from the vibrant city of Lisbon and the enchanting medieval town of Óbidos, Ericeira provides the perfect blend of convenience and escapism from the big city.

Ericeira offers a diverse range of apartments and houses for sale, catering to various preferences and budgets. Although prices may generally be on the higher end due to the town’s popularity among surfers and its stunning beaches, there are often hidden gems and bargains waiting to be discovered.

For those seeking a home near Lisbon while still enjoying the benefits of small-town living, Ericeira is ideal. With its perfect mix of surf culture, natural beauty, and proximity to major destinations, buying a property in Ericeira promises a lifestyle that is both invigorating and relaxing.

Whether you’re an avid surfer, a beach lover, or simply someone who appreciates the charm of a close-knit community, Ericeira is ready to welcome you with open arms and provide you with an unforgettable living experience.