7 Hotels With Waterslides (Or Entire Waterparks) in Portugal

Water slide

For children (and a lot of adults), there’s nothing more entertaining than a waterpark. For parents, there’s nothing more relaxing than having your kids entertained by something else. Waterpark hotels are a win-win for the entire family. Portugal has several great waterpark hotels, the majority of which are located in the Algarve. Alternatively, you could … Read more

4 Great Hotels for Families in Porto

Finding hotels that are great for families isn’t easy, and that can definitely feel like the case in Porto. Porto’s accommodation, like so many other cities, feels like it was setup to cater for couples or, in the case of all the hostels, young, single travellers. For families, it can be hard to know where … Read more

Lisbon Airport Hotels: 9+ Of The Best Places to Stay

Lisbon Airport Hotels Header

Lisbon Portela Airport is situated roughly 7 km from Lisbon City Centre. Most people who visit Lisbon stay in the centre of Lisbon but some people, particularly those with early morning flights, prefer to stay closer to the airport. It’s not necessary to do this – it’s very easy to get a taxi from the … Read more

15 of the Best Wine Hotels in Portugal


For wine lovers and oenologists, or those that just like a drink, Portugal has some truly beautiful wine hotels for you to stay in. The majority of these are in and around the Douro wine region in Northern Portugal and the Alentejo but, as wine tourism grows in Portugal, wine hotels are opening up in … Read more

8 Co-Living Spaces that have opened in Portugal


Portugal, particularly Lisbon, is fast becoming Europe’s main hub for digital nomads. There are co-working spaces all across the country and, increasingly, co-living spaces as well.  Co-living, for those not in the know, means sharing a house with other digital nomads, freelancers, and remote workers. During the day, everyone works on their projects – usually … Read more

8 Castle Hotels You Can Stay At in Portugal

castle window

Staying in a castle is a once-in-a-lifetime experience and, with castle hotels dotted across different parts of the country, Portugal could be the perfect place to enjoy that experience. Castle hotels are perfect for romantic getaways and special occasions, or just because you want to sleep in an actual castle. Although there are boutique castle … Read more

Glamping in Portugal: Camping with a side of glam


As great as apartments and hotels are, they’re not usually very exciting forms of accommodation. Many Airbnbs contain the same standard IKEA furniture and, although many hotels have fancy lobbies, restaurants, or rooftop pools, most have very simple and, ultimately, uninspiring hotel rooms. Many of us have spent countless hours trawling through sites like Expedia … Read more

The 5 Best House Sitting Websites For Finding House Sitting Jobs

Walking dog on beach

House sitting is one of the fastest growing travel trends, and it isn’t hard to see why: getting free accommodation (and sometimes really nice accommodation) in return for looking after someone else’s pets is definitely a good deal. It’s a good deal for the owners too. Their pets don’t have to go to kennels, which … Read more

Camping in the Algarve: The Complete Guide


The Algarve has a number of different campsites to choose from: from family-friendly holiday parks to small, quiet, family-run campsites. Camping is a fun way to experience the Portuguese great outdoors. The Algarve is an incredibly scenic place, with beautiful trees, plants, and wildlife, but a lot of that can be missed when you stay … Read more

Haunted Portugal: 5 places to get the heebie jeebies in Portugal


Some people just love a good scare, whether that’s watching a scary movie or staying at a haunted hotel. The following are some of Portugal’s supposedly haunted destinations, and several are now hotels where you can spend a jittery night. Bela Vista Hotel, Praia da Rocha, Portimão Situated on the promenade near the beach, this otherwise tranquil hotel … Read more