Portuguese Sim Cards – A Guide to Getting Your Portuguese Mobile Number

girl talking on phone in Portugal

If you’re living in Portugal, you will need to get a Portuguese phone number at some point. You’ll probably need it to access you Portuguese bank account and you’ll need it when you register for anything, whether that’s registering for government services or at your local dentist, as most people won’t want to call an … Read more

10+ Expat Supermarkets & Online Shops For That Essential Taste of Home

supermarket trolley

No matter how much you try to deny it, there are always things that you miss from home. It could be strong tea bags (British), Vegemite (Australians), Tayto crisps (Irish), sausages (Germans), or BBQ (Americans). Although you can find some of these things in the Portuguese supermarkets, particularly the larger supermarkets, you probably won’t be … Read more

Supermarkets in Portugal: A Guide to Online & Offline Shopping


If you’re visiting Portugal for the first time, you may not know what all of the Portuguese supermarkets are. Some names you’ll probably recognise (Lidl and Aldi, for example), but you may never have heard of Continente, Pingo Doce, or Auchan. It’s often a good idea to check if there’s a supermarket near where you’re … Read more

Gift Vouchers for People in Portugal: 10+ Easy Gift Ideas

wrapped gift on table

Buying gifts for people living in Portugal or that are coming to Portugal can be difficult but, thankfully, more and more companies now offer gift cards that can be used here. And, let’s be honest: a gift card is a present that’s actually going to get used.  Gift cards are especially great for people that … Read more

A Guide to Buying Furniture in Portugal


Anyone living in Portugal will have to buy furniture at some point or another. Maybe you need to furnish an entire apartment or house, or maybe you just need one or two small things. Either way, the question is: where should you go to buy furniture in Portugal? The answer depends a lot on the … Read more

10+ Package Forwarding Companies That Ship to Portugal

Online shopping in Portugal is pretty limited in comparison to many other European countries. There isn’t even an Amazon.pt: if you want to shop on Amazon, you’ll need to head to Amazon Spain, UK, or Germany. If that wasn’t bad enough, many sellers on Amazon (and eBay) don’t ship to Portugal. This problem isn’t unique … Read more

6 Reasons You Should Get A Cork Yoga Mat

Yoga is great. It’s great for stretching, great for building up your physical strength, it’s great for improving your breathing, and it’s great for relaxation as well. It’s something that’s incredibly natural and wholesome but, surprisingly and unfortunately, a lot of yoga products aren’t: most yoga products, particularly yoga mats, are made from plastic and … Read more

Online Shopping in Portugal

Shopping at Amazon Germany

Online shopping may not be as popular in Portugal as it is in other countries, but it’s growing in popularity – both as a way of buying from Portuguese retailers and also as a way of buying (often cheaper) products from abroad. Read the guides Shopping at some sites – Amazon, for example – isn’t … Read more

Black Friday Portugal: Where to find the best deals

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Although Black Friday and Cyber Monday started off as American traditions, they have quickly been adopted by countries all over the world including Portugal. While Black Friday has been much slower to take off in Portugal than other European countries, it’s quickly becoming popular. People are even starting to queue outside shops (and run to … Read more

Groupon-Style Deals Websites in Portugal


Although the quality of deals on websites like Groupon are sometimes questionable, they can be a great place to find restaurant deals, cheap haircuts, gift ideas, and inspiration for things to do. As of 2016, Groupon Portugal no longer exists. Unfortunately, the owners of Groupon made the decision to shut down Groupon in Portugal along … Read more