Reviews: Spotahome – Monthly Room & Apartment Rentals in Lisbon & Beyond

By | Last updated: July 28, 2020

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Spotahome is one of several property websites that allow you to find monthly rentals in Lisbon as well as in other cities around the world like Barcelona, Berlin, Dublin, and Rome.

Think of it as an Airbnb for monthly rentals (30 days or more). Like Airbnb, you can scroll through thousands of properties, but with Spotahome the prices and setup are more geared towards medium and long-term rentals rather than short-term rentals.

Spotahome are aiming to make the whole process of moving to another city easier (and it’s definitely a part of life that needs a startup to revamp things). Properties have video tours, floor plans so you can get a feel for the layout, and 360° photo tours of the rooms. Previous guests can leave reviews, and Spotahome’s team visit many of the properties to verify them.

You can also really filter down your results to find what you’re looking for e.g. somewhere with a double bed or a private bathroom, or properties that allow students, pets, or that are only for women.

One other useful feature is that you can see how many rooms each property has. In Lisbon, it’s not unusual for a houseshare to have five or more bedrooms. Sometimes you even see properties with as many as fifteen or sixteen bedrooms. If you’re looking for something smaller, knowing how many rooms the property has is a great little feature.


Spotahome charge a one-off booking fee (called a Spotahome fee), which covers all those nifty features, and this will be the main difference between renting a room or apartment through Spotahome rather than directly with the landlord.

This booking fee is a percentage of the total monthly rent and costs between €100 and €300 on average. Unlike other platforms like Airbnb and NomadX which charge a monthly fee, this is a one-off booking fee.

Obviously, you have to pay rent and a deposit as well. Landlords can decide whether to include bills or not, so be sure to check the “Pricing & Availabilities” tab to see what’s included.


  • Airbnb – While mainly focusing on short-term rentals, Airbnb also allows hosts to set discounted monthly rental prices for stays of 28 days or more.
  • NomadX – Aimed at digital nomads and young professionals, NomadX has rooms and properties to rent throughout Portugal.
  • Uniplaces – Aimed at students, but also welcoming of non-students, Uniplaces is another option for finding mid and long-term accommodation in Portugal.

Refunds, Rights, & Protection

Like most other accommodation platforms, Spotahome has several different cancellation policies. Depending on how soon your move-in date you could get anything from 100% to 0% back.

  • While Spotahome recommends that landlords provide contracts, it does not enforce this policy. If you require a contract (for peace of mind or for essential paperwork for living in Portugal), you will need to check if your landlord provides one.
  • You will only pay the first month’s rent and any other fees to Spotahome. After that, you’ll make your required monthly payments to the landlord.
  • The deposit paid to the landlord rather than being held by Spotahome.
  • You have 24 hours from the time you move into the property to make a complaint if something isn’t okay and the property is different to what you viewed on the website.
  • Even though guests can review properties that they’ve stayed in, because the platform is new, most properties don’t have many (or any) reviews yet.
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