Kudeejeen: Exploring Bangkok’s Portuguese Neighbourhood

Portuguese Bangkok Header

I first visited Bangkok back in 2016 and probably walked very close to the Portuguese neighbourhood of Kudeejeen without even realising it. It wasn’t until after I left Bangkok that I realised there was this little slice of Portugal hidden in the Thai capital.  In 2019, I had the chance to go back to Bangkok … Read more

Olivenza: The Portuguese Town That’s in Spain

Welcome to Spain sign

Drive over the bridge that crosses the Guadiana River, the river that separates Portugal and Spain, and you’ll be greeted with a sign welcoming you to Spain. Like the hundreds of other signs that are dotted along the Spanish border, it’s a blue sign with the word “España” surrounded by 12 gold stars: the EU … Read more

Lisbon in London: A look at London’s Little Portugal Neighbourhood

Viseu Bakery

Little Portugal is the nickname given to an area in South London that’s known for its large Portuguese community. Some people say Little Portugal is in Stockwell, others say Vauxhall. Those things mightn’t matter if you’re not from London, but to Londoners the distinction is important: it’s better to be from Vauxhall than it is … Read more

The Portuguese Guide to Edinburgh

The Portuguese are famous explorers, and have an influence across the world. This series looks at destinations outside Portugal where you can experience Portuguese wine, food and culture. The grey and gothic cobblestoned streets of Edinburgh may feel a million miles away from the sunsoaked calcadas of Lisbon and the Algarve, but the Scottish capital is … Read more