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Here, you’ll find all the articles related to travelling in Portugal – everything from where to go and what to do to foodie guides, tips on using public transport, and other essential travel must knows.

Need accommodation in Portugal? Check out Airbnb (great for apartments, houses, and privately-owned accommodation) and (great for hotels and hostels, but it also has apartments).


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Food & Drink

pastéis de belém

Portuguese food is a brand new cuisine to most people (besides the world-famous pastel de nata of course). But don’t worry: Portugalist has you covered.

Be sure to read the big, main guide to Portuguese food. There are also separate articles covering Portuguese desserts, cakes, coffee, wine, port wine, and other drinks, as well as regional food guides to places like Lisbon, Porto, the Algarve, the Azores, and Madeira.

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Transport & Getting Around

A campervan by the cliffs in the Algarve

If you’re planning on exploring Portugal, renting a car is definitely the easiest way to get around Portugal. We even have tips for 1-way car rental, renting a luxury car, and renting an automatic car.

You could also take the bus or the train, use taxis and taxi apps like Uber for shorter distances, or even travel around by campervan.

Or, if you’re mainly just planning to stay in one place, you could get an airport transfer either.

Getting Here

Plane wing over Faro

While most people will fly to Portugal (Skyscanner and Google Flights are both great tools for finding flights), it’s also possible to drive here or to take the bus or train from another European country.

And, if you’re thinking of driving here from the UK or Ireland, we also have guides on how to drive here.

Travel Tips


Whether its mobile internet, scams to avoid, to tips on doing your laundry while on the road, or a guide to the Portuguese toll roads, Portugalist is packed with travel tips to help you with your trip to Portugal.

Be sure to read the big list of Portugal travel tips.

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