A Guide to Travelling in Portugal During Coronavirus Times

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So, you’re thinking about visiting Portugal this year and you’re wondering what it’ll be like? Will I be able to fly there? Will the restaurants be open? What about museums, bars, hotels, and cafés? Will I have to wear a mask? A lot of people have been messaging Portugalist with questions about coronavirus and travel … Read more

Supermarkets in Portugal: A Guide to Online & Offline Shopping


If you’re visiting Portugal for the first time, you may not know what all of the Portuguese supermarkets are. Some names you’ll probably recognise (Lidl and Aldi, for example), but you may never have heard of Continente, Pingo Doce, or Auchan. It’s often a good idea to check if there’s a supermarket near where you’re … Read more

How To Wash Your Clothes While Travelling (in Portugal)

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Travel for more than a few days, and definitely more than a week, and you’ll need to do some laundry. This becomes more of an issue in the summertime in Portugal when the weather is hot and sweaty and you go through clean clothes (and especially socks and underwear) very, very quickly. The following are … Read more

20+ Tips for Travelling Solo in Portugal

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A lot of the articles written about solo travel in Portugal are quite generic, and don’t really offer any specific advice. Many are just a list of things to do (e.g. eat a pastel de nata, stroll around the city, etc.) but with the words “solo travel” in the title. I wanted to provide something … Read more

Portugal Checklist: 20+ “To Dos” For Your Trip to Portugal

Passport and Portugal Checklist

Coming to Portugal? There’s a lot to think about from booking flights and accommodation to what type of clothes to bring. Don’t worry, though: this list will help you double check that you have everything prepared and packed. Flights Booked your flights? Skyscanner.net is great for finding the cheapest flights. Downloaded the airline app (or … Read more

Euronet ATMs: Best to Avoid If You Can

Euronet ATMs

A few years ago, I used a Euronet ATM in Berlin. I withdrew €20 and, unbeknownst to me, was charged a €5 withdrawal fee for the privilege. The ATM never said that I was being charged a fee (otherwise I would have found another one) and so I used another one a few days later. … Read more

40+ Portugal Travel Tips (That Are Actually Useful)

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Portugalist is packed with tips for travelling in Portugal, but this article puts all of the best tips in one place.  Car rental & driving tips Car rental To find the best deal, I usually compare Rentalcars.com, Skyscanner, and maybe also Kayak.com as well. There isn’t much point checking many other sites: they mainly get … Read more

TrainAway: An App That Lets You Buy Passes to Gyms in Portugal

trainaway fitness app

For whatever reason, it’s incredibly difficult to find information about local gyms online and that’s especially true in Portugal. Gyms rarely make important information like price, contract length, and whether or not you can buy a one-off pass, available on their websites. Sometimes, it’s even hard to find even more basic information like the gym’s … Read more

The Portuguese Couvert: Rip off or Fantastic Value for Money?

couvert portugal

Sit down at a restaurant in Portugal and within a few minutes the waiter will normally bring over bread, and maybe also some olives, tuna or sardine paste, small cheeses, Algarve carrots (in the Algarve), and croquettes like pastéis de bacalhau as well. It depends where you are: usually it’s just a basket of bread … Read more

Where To Buy Emergency Contraception in Portugal

Accidents happen, and often those accidents happen will you’re abroad. Don’t worry, though: getting emergency contraception in Portugal is very straightforward.  Emergency Contraception (the morning after pill) Emergency contraception (often called “the morning after pill”) is available at Portuguese pharmacies, family planning centres (free), and emergency rooms. For most people, particularly those visiting Portugal, going … Read more