A Guide to Travelling in Portugal During Coronavirus Times

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So, you’re thinking about visiting Portugal this year and you’re wondering what it’ll be like? Will I be able to fly there? Will the restaurants be open? What about museums, bars, hotels, and cafés? Will I have to wear a mask? A lot of people have been messaging Portugalist with questions about coronavirus and travel … Read more

Pet-Friendly cabins & Options on the France & Spain ferries

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Every year, thousands of people travelling from the UK and Ireland to France and Spain by ferry, often on their way to Portugal. And, many of them decide to take their pets with them. Yes, pets (dogs, cats, and even ferrets) can travel on ferries. Some ferries have pet-friendly cabins, some have kennels, and others … Read more

Despite Coronavirus, 48% of Tourists Would Visit Portugal in 2020

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Almost half (48.3%) of people who had planned to visit Portugal in 2020 would still do so if travel restrictions were lifted, with the majority (52.7%) hoping to visit Portugal in the autumn or winter. This is the big takeaway from Portugalist’s April 2020 survey of its readers, which had more than 700 responses.  Why … Read more

Supermarkets in Portugal: A Guide to Online & Offline Shopping


If you’re visiting Portugal for the first time, you may not know what all of the Portuguese supermarkets are. Some names you’ll probably recognise (Lidl and Aldi, for example), but you may never have heard of Continente, Pingo Doce, or Auchan. It’s often a good idea to check if there’s a supermarket near where you’re … Read more

Portugal Travel Guide: Where to go, when to go, Money, & Everything Else

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Since first travelling in Portugal back when I was 21, I have since travelled all over the country – to every corner on continental Portugal and across the Portuguese islands in the Atlantic Ocean.  The following guide to travel in Portugal is based on many years of travelling and living in Portugal. Hopefully, it’ll help … Read more

Hiring a Car in Portugal

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Should you rent a car for your trip to Portugal? It depends. If you’re only visiting the major towns and cities – places like Lisbon, Porto, and Coimbra – you can easily get between them by bus or by train. You definitely don’t need a car inside the cities either. But, if you plan to … Read more

Getting Around Portugal By Public Transport

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If you don’t drive, or just don’t want to drive, you can easily get around mainland Portugal by public transport (Madeira and The Azores can be a little trickier). Public transport in Portugal is good, particularly if you’re going to large towns or cities. Some of the smaller towns and villages are a little harder … Read more

Buses in Portugal: How To Get Around Portugal By Bus

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Following on from the article about getting around Portugal by train, I’ve put together a guide to getting around Portugal by bus. I’ve travelled extensively by bus here – taking buses throughout the country and even into Spain as well. Portugal has an extensive bus network that is made up of two types of buses … Read more

Hiring A Car (With a Driver) in Portugal

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A lot of people have asked about hiring a car with a driver and, while it is possible, booking this type of service really isn’t as straightforward as it should be. Hopefully, this article will make finding a driver a little bit easier. The reason that it seems difficult is because hiring a driver is … Read more

How To Wash Your Clothes While Travelling (in Portugal)

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Travel for more than a few days, and definitely more than a week, and you’ll need to do some laundry. This becomes more of an issue in the summertime in Portugal when the weather is hot and sweaty and you go through clean clothes (and especially socks and underwear) very, very quickly. The following are … Read more