20+ Tips for Travelling Solo in Portugal

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A lot of the articles written about solo travel in Portugal are quite generic, and don’t really offer any specific advice. Many are just a list of things to do (e.g. eat a pastel de nata, stroll around the city, etc.) but with the words “solo travel” in the title. I wanted to provide something … Read more

Portugal Checklist: 20+ “To Dos” For Your Trip to Portugal

Passport and Portugal Checklist

Coming to Portugal? There’s a lot to think about from booking flights and accommodation to what type of clothes to bring. Don’t worry, though: this list will help you double check that you have everything prepared and packed. Flights Booked your flights? Skyscanner.net is great for finding the cheapest flights. Downloaded the airline app (or … Read more

19 of the best Adults Only Hotels in Portugal

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For those who want to escape the kids’ clubs and (let’s be honest) frantic nature of a family resort and even some hotels, Portugal offers some excellent adults-only hotels. With no youngsters around, you can enjoy a sophisticated break, whether that be relaxing on a sandy beach or exploring the country’s fascinating cities. So if … Read more

Euronet ATMs: Best to Avoid If You Can

Euronet ATMs

A few years ago, I used a Euronet ATM in Berlin. I withdrew €20 and, unbeknownst to me, was charged a €5 withdrawal fee for the privilege. The ATM never said that I was being charged a fee (otherwise I would have found another one) and so I used another one a few days later. … Read more

Visiting The Algarve Without A Car

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There are two types of people that visit the Algarve without a car: those that can’t drive and those that don’t want to drive. If you can’t drive, read this articvle to see how to get around (skip the next section). If you don’t want to drive, or you’re too nervous to drive in Portugal, … Read more

A Guide to 1-Way Car Rental in Portugal

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Sometimes you need to rent a car in one location and drop it off in another. For example: you might want to rent a car in Porto and drop it in Faro. Most car rental companies charge you a fee for doing this, and the fee varies from around €50 to €150. That’s if you … Read more

DriiveMe: Rent A Car for just €1

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Car rental companies often need to move their cars from one rental location to another, a process that’s known as car relocation. Europcar at Lisbon Airport, for example, might need to relocate one of their cars from the Lisbon Airport branch to the Faro or Porto Airport branch. Occasionally, they might even need the car … Read more

Did You Know: You Can Bring A Child Car Seat to Portugal

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Renting a car is expensive, but it gets even more costly when you try and add a baby or child car seat to your order. Prices vary from company to company, but most car rental companies charge somewhere in the region of €10 per day. Sometimes that’s actually more expensive than the cost of renting … Read more

Car Hire Excess Insurance Could Reduce Your Car Rental Costs

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So, you’ve found a great car rental deal . It’s affordable, it’s a decent car, and maybe it’s even from a car hire company that you’ve actually heard of. Then, you get to the insurance upsell bit. Suddenly, the cost of renting a car has shot up.  There are usually three insurance prices: basic (included), … Read more

40+ Portugal Travel Tips (That Are Actually Useful)

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Portugalist is packed with tips for travelling in Portugal, but this article puts all of the best tips in one place.  Car rental & driving tips Car rental To find the best deal, I usually compare Rentalcars.com, Skyscanner, and maybe also Kayak.com as well. There isn’t much point checking many other sites: they mainly get … Read more