19 Romantic Lisbon Hotels For A Love-Filled Getaway

Where better to say “I love you” than in Portugal’s charming capital, Lisbon. Its candle-lit wine bars, fine dining options and soulful sounds of traditional Fado music make a dreamy backdrop to a romantic weekend away. Whether you want to relax together or explore the sights hand in hand, you can find lots of hotels … Read more

Silves Hotels, B&Bs, and Other Accommodation Options


Often overlooked by holidaymakers seeking sun, sea, and sand, Silves is one of the Algarve’s best kept secrets. Unlike many of the coastal towns, it has managed to find the perfect balance between touristy and Portuguese. It still gets tourists, and has plenty of accommodation and restaurants to cater for tourists, but without losing its character and charm in … Read more

8 Hotels Nearest to Faro Airport

Sometimes you just need a comfortable, convenient airport hotel that means you can hop out of bed in the morning and be at the airport in a few minutes. While Faro Airport doesn’t have an on-site airport hotel, there are a few hotels nearby.  Some of these hotels you can get to on foot, and … Read more

How to find cheap hotel deals (in the Algarve or anywhere else)

Heading to the Algarve (or anywhere in the world for that matter)? Here’s our guide for getting the absolute best deal on a hotel. Step 1. Find a hotel offering a great deal The first step is to find a hotel with a great deal. I usually start this process by going to Trivago, as this searches and … Read more

Review: Gallery Hostel, Porto


Address: Gallery Hostel, Rua de Miguel Bombarda 222, 4050-377 Porto, Portugal I’ve stayed in many hostels over the years, and these days I’m at the age where I tend to stay in hotels more. Porto’s Gallery hostel isn’t your typical hostel, though. It’s more of an affordable boutique hotel with hostel features like a shared kitchen. Considering Gallery … Read more

Tipping in Portugal: How much should I give?

Tipping in Portugal isn’t as straight-forward as it is in other countries like the United States. Here, in Portugal, there are no rules about how much you should give as a tip in a restaurant and it can often be very confusing. Speak to five different Portuguese people and they’ll all give you a different answer. Ask … Read more

Using Uber in Portugal

uber app

Once banned in Portugal, Uber is now available in several cities in Portugal like Lisbon, Porto, Braga, and across the Algarve.  It’s also not the only taxi app that you can use in Portugal. There are plenty of others like Bolt (previously Taxify) and Free now (previously MyTaxi). Note: A lot of people are asking … Read more

Portugal Packing List: 18 Essential Things to Bring to Portugal

So, you’re going to Portugal. Woohoo! Now, it’s time to get packing. From sunglasses to passports, there are a lot of things that you need to remember but hopefully this list will make remembering everything that little bit easier. Note: This list covers all of the physical things that you need to pack for your … Read more

Airbnb Alternatives for your trip to Portugal

Over the past few years, Airbnb has quickly grown to become one of the most popular travel websites in the world. During that time I’ve used it many times, both in Portugal and abroad. Recently, Airbnb has become extremely popular and sometimes the accommodation choices have felt a bit more limited than they should. When it comes to booking … Read more

House Sitting in Portugal – How to Live in Portugal For Free

trusted housesitters screenshot

Portugal is a great country to spend some time in and house sitting is one way to do that cheaply.   House sitting involves looking after someone’s home while they’re away in exchange for rent-free accommodation. Your main responsibility as a house sitter is usually looking after the owner’s pets, although every house sit is different and some people … Read more