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Is Trusted Housesitters Worth Joining? Read Reviews From Other House Sitters

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Trusted Housesitters posts more house sits per month than any other site. When you’re trying to judge how good a house sitting site is, the number of house sitting opportunities it has is probably the single most useful factor in assessing that site.

This is especially useful if you’re new to house sitting and don’t have many references yet. If this is you, you may find that in the beginning the best approach is to apply for a lot of different house sits and just see which ones you get accepted for. Once you have a bit of experience under your belt you won’t need to adopt this strategy as much but in the beginning, it’s probably the best way to get about things.

Since Trusted Housesitters posts the most house sitting opportunities, it makes sense to join this site particularly if you’re planning on house sitting in Europe (particularly the UK, France and Spain), Australia and the US where it has a lot of house sitting opportunities

How does Trusted Housesitters compare?

Site Annual Cost Website
Trusted Housesitters $119
Housecarers $50
Mind My House $20
Nomador $89
House Sit Match £49-79


A more in-depth comparison of all the house sitting websites can be found here.

Tips for using Trusted Housesitters

  • Subscribe to email alerts so you get instantly notified when a new house sit goes live.
  • Use the advanced search box to only show house sits that are currently looking for sitters.
  • View all of the long term house sits (60 days or more) on one page.

Have you used Trusted Housesitters? Please help others decide whether Trusted Housesitters is worth signing up for by sharing a review of Trusted Housesitters in the comments section below. 

Last updated in December 2018.
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  1. I don’t quite understand. I have to pay up front to see what house sitting opportunities there might be? I can’t just look at them. Is that right?

    • They might have changed the way they do things (in which case I’ll need to update this article). The other sites e.g. housecarers and nomador allow you to see the opportunities before signing up.

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