Where to Buy Alternative Meats & Other Vegan Products in Portugal

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If you cook at home, being vegan or vegetarian in Portugal isn’t particularly difficult (going to cafés and restaurants outside of the big cities is another story). Here in Portugal, you have access to affordable and good quality fruit and vegetables and of course other essentials like rice, beans, and pasta. 

But what if you want a burger made from alternative meats or non-dairy chocolate? Are those types of products easy to find in Portugal? Increasingly, yes. These types of products definitely aren’t the norm in Portugal, but an ever-increasing number of supermarkets now carry them. 

vegan products at a Portuguese supermarket
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Vegan & Vegetarian Products at Portuguese Supermarkets

Most Portuguese supermarkets now carry vegan and vegetarian products, often their own brand. Thankfully, each of these supermarkets now has a page on their website where they highlight vegan and vegetarian-friendly products. 

Own-brand vegan products are great, but what if you’re specifically looking for a name that you know? These products are definitely harder to find, but they’re out there. 

  • Quorn – This isn’t available in Portuguese supermarkets, but you will find them at some expat supermarkets (e.g. GB Superstore) as well as shops that specialise in international products like Glood and Flavers
  • Moving Mountain – This brand wasn’t as easy to find, but the burgers are available from Goodchoice
  • Beyond Meat – The burger is available from Continente and Auchan, and you’ll find more products available from Celeiro  
  • Just Egg – This brand is expected to launch in Europe in 2023
  • Linda McCartney – These products, particularly the sausages, are fairly easy to find in Portugal. Glood stocks a number of Linda McCartney products, and you’ll also find them at Flavers and GB Superstore
  • Violife – Violife butters and cheeses are available from Continente and El Corte Inglés as well as Naturistas and Easy Green 
  • Oatly – Milk alternatives from Oatly are available from Celeiro
  • Tofurky – This is very hard to find, but Easy Green stocks at least one product

Other Resources

  • AchadosVeganos – A popular (and very useful) Instagram account that highlights vegan products at different shops in Portugal
  • Certificado Vegetariano – Showcases products that are certified vegetarian. Most of these products are wine. 
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