Visiting the Algarve in April

Although weather can be slightly unpredictable, it’s still shorts and T-shirts all round when you visit the Algarve in April.

Reasons to visit the Algarve in April

  • The bars, restaurants, and resorts down by the coast are starting to swing into action but aren’t too crowded.
  • Hotel prices are still low, even for those travelling during the Easter Break. We costed 7 nights for two people at the Victoria Sport & Beach Hotel in Albufeira and got €476*, while the same room goes for €1,008* for a week in August.
  • The weather is warm and sunny but not scorching hot, so you can still enjoy a few hikes and rounds of golf if lounging on the beach isn’t your thing.
  • You can expect eight or nine hours of that beautiful Algarve sunshine every day (who needs fake tan?)

What’s on in the Algarve in April?

Festival of International Music (FIMA)

This annual music festival runs from March until May, with more than 20 concerts of diverse music during that time. Check out the schedule before you head over on holiday and you might be able to enjoy a little bit of culture during your beach holiday.

Liberation Day (25th April)

This public holiday celebrates a very special moment in Portuguese history, when Salazar’s Estado Novo dictatorship was overthrown on the 25th April 1974. The military coup was bloodless, and known as the Carnation Revolution. It brought nearly 50 years of the autocratic rule to an end. In Albufeira you can expect firework displays and street performances, and in Lagos, the day begins with canons and ends with a fireworks display. There’s also a cultural week in Alte around this time, featuring family friendly activities like face painting and bicycle races.

 Weather in the Algarve in April

Temperatures are a modest 16 to 20°C, which is warm but not stifling. It can be wet at this time of year, but with an average of eight rainfall days during the entire month you’d have to be pretty unlucky if your holiday was a wash-out. We’d recommend bringing your jacket and a cardigan along for the evenings, as it still gets chilly once the sun goes down (and you’ll feel it a lot more if you’ve been lounging by the swimming pool all day).

*Prices correct at time of writing (27th March 2017).


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