Visiting the Algarve in July

There’s plenty happening on the Algarve in July. If you’re looking for things to see and do, it’s a fantastic month to visit.

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Reasons to visit the Algarve in June

  • There’s a lot happening: In terms of events, July is one of the busiest months on the Algarve. If you’re the kind of person that likes there to be a lot of things to do when you visit a place, July is a good month to be in the Algarve.
  • July isn’t as busy as August: Although July is a popular month to visit the Algarve, July isn’t as popular as August. This means that restaurants, museums, and the beaches are going to be that little bit less crowded. If you have the option of visiting either month, pick July over August.
  • It’s hot: Although July is too hot for many people, some people really like the heat. July and August are the hottest months of the year on the Algarve, with daily temperatures usually in the early to mid-30s (Celsius).

What’s on in the Algarve in July?

Market of Cultures by Candlelight in Lagoa (6th – 9th July)

An outdoor market that’s lit up by more than 12,000 candles, Mercado de Culturas à Luz das Velas is a beautiful event. As well as being very beautiful to look at, it’s also a fantastic place to buy locally made products, wine, and dine. More information about the event, including a program of events, can be found on the event’s Facebook page.

2017 Alameda Beer Festival in Faro (7th – 9th July)

With more than 100 different types of beer to try, Faro’s Alameda Beer Festival is a popular event. Entry is free, and the event takes place at Jardim da Alameda from 17:00 onward.

Salir do Tempo (Salir Medieval Festival) (21st – 23rd July)

Salir medieval festival is back. Expect archery, henna painting, stalls selling fabrics and spices, belly dancing, music, and more.

Festival Al-Buhera in Albufeira (26th – 30th July)

Festival Al-Buhera returns to Albufeira. The festival will feature market stalls selling local produce such as food products, crafts, and locally-made alcohol as well as live music and food stalls. Admission is free. The event starts at 19:00.

Festa da Ria Formosa (27th July – 6th August)

Seafood lovers rejoice! Faro’s Ria Formosa Festival offers the opportunity to try some of the best seafood on the Algarve. Simply head to Faro’s São Francisco Square between July 27th and August 6th between 19:00 and 01:00 to see what’s on offer.

Loulé International Jazz Festival (2nd, 14th, 22nd, 28th of July and 4,5,6 August)

Loulé International Jazz Festival returns. Events take place on specific dates throughout July and August. For more information check out the Loulé International Jazz Festival Facebook page.

Arrifana Sunset Fest (July 30th)

Arrifana Sunset Fest is a small music festival that takes place at Arrifana fishing harbour, near Aljezur. Expect reggae music from Portuguese bands, and partying until the early hours of the following morning.

Sunset Secrets (Weekly on Thursdays) in Silves

Every year, during the month of July, the historical town of Silves hosts its weekly ‘Sunset Secrets’ event. Taking place at Silves Castle, Sunset Secrets is a cultural event centred around world music, belly dancing, food, and wine. The event starts at 19:00 and finished at 23:00. Tickets cost €5 normally, or €2 for Silves residents.

Weather in the Algarve in July

July is a hot month on the Algarve. The average daily temperature is around 29 °C. This is an average, of course, which means that temperatures can hit the mid and even late 30s.

If you’re visiting the Algarve in July, be sensible e.g. drink plenty of water (the water content in wine doesn’t count) and wear plenty of sunscreen.


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