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Portugalist had partnerships with companies in Portugal and all over the world and, over the years, has helped those companies generate thousands in additional revenue – primarily through advertising and affiliate partnerships. I am always on the lookout for new companies that want to partner with portugalist in a way that is mutually beneficial – whether that’s an affiliate partnership or just if the product/service is useful to my readers.
I am open to pitches for products/services that are so useful and relevant to Portugalist readers that I would want to write about them regardless of whether they earned the site any money at all. If you feel your product/service falls into this category, get in touch.
Please keep pitches short and to the point, explaining what your product/service offers Portugalist readers that offer companies don’t. Also, please read through the pointers below.

Do you accept guest posts?

I have never published a guest post on Portugalist, and probably never will. I have no idea why companies keep on pitching bland guest post ideas like “top 10 reasons to visit Lisbon” or “5 surprising things about learning Portuguese” and even “top 7 reasons to travel.”

Here’s the deal: I write for a living. I don’t free content anymore than an eskimo needs free snow.

Sure, if someone pitched me something incredible and that I couldn’t write myself (or get my own freelancer to write for me) I would consider it. Until that happens, I’ll keep saying no.

And no, I don’t accept sponsored posts (guest posts for money) either.

Tip: FatJoe offer a guest posting service for companies that are trying to build links via guest blogging. You’ll have more luck with them.

Can you give my business a mention?

Why should/would I? What’s so interesting about your business that I should write about it? What do you offer that none of the other companies I’ve written about offer?

Think about it from my point of view. Believe it or not, I don’t spend 70+ hours a week working on this site just so that one day I’ll get to promote your business for free.

If you’ve got something that’s interesting and valuable to my readers I’m all ears. If you’re approaching this as a partnership (i.e. are willing to offer something in return like commission on sales or even a mention of Portugalist) then I’m going to be even more tempted.

Please think about your pitch.

I see you’ve written about company X, can you mention my company as well?

A similar answer to the one above, but basically: what does your product/service offer that the other companies I’ve mentioned don’t?

Are you cheaper but as good? Are you better? Are you willing to partner with Portugalist and they’re not?

If I’ve already written about a topic and mentioned your competitor and not you, there’s probably a reason for it. My aim isn’t to list every business (Google does that already) – my aim is to cut through all the noise and list the best ones so Portugalist readers don’t have to go through that themselves.

Note: If you think I made a mistake in not mentioning you, let me know but I’m not going to include you for the sake of it.

Can you link to my site?

It’s probably going to be a no. People who start an email like this generally don’t have a product/service that’s worth me linking to.

Note: money doesn’t change my answer.

Will you publish my infographic?

Like guest posts, there isn’t a single infographic on the site and there probably never will.

Why? Because the purpose of an infographic is to convey complex data in an easy to understand manner. Unfortunately, none of the thousands of link builders that contact me every year seem to get this and instead just send me the equivalent of “top 7 reasons to travel” but in picture form.

Buy hey, if it works for you, keep linkbuilding like it’s 2010.

Can I send you press releases from my company?

You can, but I can’t guarantee they will get read.

Many companies put me on mailing lists and blast out their generic press releases, but it’s never resulted in me writing an article from it. In fact, I usually stop reading them if the first few aren’t relevant.

Generally, press releases are just a terrible way to communicate with bloggers.

How can I advertise on Portugalist?

At the moment, it’s a little complicated as most of the display adverts are handled externally (e.g. by Google’s Adsense program). This isn’t ideal for a lot of small to medium-sized businesses, and I understand that, so please get in touch and I’ll see what I can do.

Note: I am interested in relevant affiliate programs/commission-based collaborations as I think this is a very fair way of companies and publishers working together.

Will you review my hotel/restaurant/walking tour etc?

Potentially, yes.

I am happy to visit your restaurant/hotel/walking tour etc so that I can write about it as part of a partnership.

The site earns money from advertising/partnerships (I don’t write for food or a place to sleep) but in order for me to do a good writeup of your product/service, it’s usually important for me to experience it first-hand.

Can we partner even though we don’t have an affiliate program?

Yes, of course. I understand that not every company has the time and resources to set up an affiliate program, so there are other ways that we can work together and track how successful Portugalist is at bringing you sales.

Can we do a link exchange?

I don’t do link exchanges for the sake of them, but if you feel that I have content that would be interesting to your readers and vice versa then get in touch. I am happy to read it and take it from there.

Would you be willing to write for my site?

Potentially. Please get in touch.

How can I contact you?

Via the contact form here.

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