20+ Portuguese Startups to Watch

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Portugal, long celebrated as a retirement and holiday destination, is rapidly emerging as a hotbed for tech innovation. With a blossoming startup ecosystem and increasing global attention, particularly thanks to the annual WebSummit conference, here are some of the top startups that are transforming Portugal into a tech powerhouse.

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Luggit (Lisbon)

Luggit is a unique Portuguese startup designed to revolutionize the travel experience by offering a luggage pick-up and drop-off service. Based in Lisbon, Luggit offers a mobile app where travellers can request a ‘Lugger’ to collect, store, and deliver their bags at the desired time and location, allowing them to enjoy their day without the burden of carrying luggage. This innovative approach has garnered the attention of travel-centric publications and has marked Luggit as a major player in the tourism and travel industry in Portugal.

Pleez (Lisbon)

Pleez is a digital platform that streamlines the restaurant dining experience by offering a menu, ordering, and payment system through a QR code. This Lisbon-based startup is shaping the future of the hospitality industry, providing a safer and more convenient dining experience, especially in the COVID-19 era.

CleanWatts (Coimbra)

CleanWatts combines cutting-edge technology and deep market knowledge to transform energy consumers into smart, sustainable energy communities. The Lisbon-based startup’s innovative approach to energy management has attracted significant interest from investors.

Noty.ai (Porto)

Porto-based Noty.ai is an AI-powered service that transcribes, summarizes, and provides insights from meetings. The startup’s solution saves businesses countless hours and improves the efficiency of internal communication processes.

Coverflex (Lisbon)

Coverflex, based in Lisbon, offers a flexible benefits platform that allows companies to provide personalized compensation packages to their employees. The startup has been lauded for its innovation in HR Tech and secured a seed funding round of $1.5 million in 2020.

Casafari (Lisbon)

Casafari is a real estate data platform that offers transparency and efficiency to real estate professionals. It tracks the property market in real-time, providing valuable insights to brokers, investors, and developers.

Promptly (Porto)

Promptly is a health-tech startup based in Porto, offering a platform that tracks patient-reported outcomes to improve healthcare. The startup has received acclaim for its patient-centric approach to improving healthcare delivery.

Exclusible (Lisbon)

Exclusible, based in Lisbon, is a luxury marketplace that offers unique items and experiences via auction. With an emphasis on exclusivity, the startup provides a unique platform for those in search of the extraordinary.

Didimo (Porto)

Didimo creates high-quality digital humans that can be used in video games, films, and virtual reality. The Porto-based startup has been featured in TechCrunch and has secured funding from the likes of Amazon’s Alexa Fund.

Aptoide (Lisbon)

Aptoide is one of the largest independent Android app stores, boasting over 1 billion app downloads. It has grown to become a key player in the global app market, attracting significant investor interest.

Wegho (Porto)

Wegho is a home services platform that connects customers with professionals for cleaning, maintenance, laundry, and more. The Porto-based startup has experienced rapid growth, thanks to its focus on convenience and quality service.

Sea4Us (Algarve)

Biotech startup Sea4Us is making strides in the pharmaceutical industry. Based in the sunny Algarve, their research into marine organisms has led to promising new drugs for chronic pain management. They’ve secured €2 million in Series A funding and have been highlighted in BioTech Magazine.

Petable (Lisbon)

Petable is bringing veterinary care into the digital age. Their Lisbon-based app provides reminders for pet care activities and allows for immediate teleconsultations. This innovative approach has earned them a spot in TechCrunch’s Top 10 European Pet Tech Startups and a €1.5 million seed round.

Vawlt Technologies (Lisbon)

With their ultra-secure, resilient and flexible multi-cloud data storage system, Vawlt is redefining data protection and management. This Lisbon-based startup was featured in Forbes’ Cloud 100 list and has raised €4 million in Series A funding.

SWORD Health (Porto)

This Porto-based digital physiotherapy platform is pushing boundaries in digital healthcare. TechCrunch featured their $9 million Series A funding round and they have won the Digital Health Innovation Award at the 2023 Health 2.0 conference.

(Sword Health now has its headquarters in the US).

Feedzai (Coimbra)

A standout in fraud detection, Feedzai is transforming the way financial institutions manage risk. The Lisbon-based startup recently raised $200 million in Series C funding, was named a leader in the 2023 RiskTech100, and featured in Forbes for its remarkable growth.

Talkdesk (Coimbra)

Already a unicorn, Talkdesk is a leader in cloud-based contact center software. This Lisbon-based startup, featured in TechCrunch, has raised more than $268 million in funding and was named a leader in the 2023 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Contact Center as a Service.

Unbabel (Lisbon)

This AI-powered translation platform combines the speed of automation with the finesse of human linguists. Unbabel was featured in Wired and raised a staggering $60 million Series C funding.

Sensei (Lisbon)

Sensei, an autonomous retail tech startup, is turning retail stores into smart stores. Based in Lisbon, they have been recognized by TechCrunch and secured $10 million in Series A funding.

Jscrambler (Porto)

Jscrambler provides cutting-edge security for JavaScript applications. This Porto-based startup was named a Cool Vendor by Gartner in 2023 and raised a €2.3 million Series A round.

Landing.Jobs (Lisbon)

Landing.Jobs is a tech recruitment platform ensuring job seekers find the right match. Based in Lisbon, it has featured in TechCrunch and raised €1 million in seed funding.

Knok Healthcare (Porto)

Knok is an app that connects patients with doctors for house calls. This Porto-based startup has been recognized in HealthTech Magazine and raised €1.7 million in seed funding.

Infraspeak (Porto)

Infraspeak develops an intelligent maintenance management platform. This Porto-based startup has been featured in TechCrunch and raised a €3 million Series A round.

Barkyn (Porto)

Barkyn, a subscription-based pet food and care company, is making pet care more accessible. Featured in Wired and based in Porto, it has raised €5 million in Series A funding.

360imprimir (Lisbon)

360imprimir is a one-stop-shop for businesses’ marketing and promotional needs. The Lisbon-based startup raised €18 million in Series C funding and has been highlighted in the Financial Times.

These startups are testament to Portugal’s bustling tech scene, each contributing to its rapidly growing reputation as a top destination for innovation, entrepreneurship, and investment. With its strategic location, top talent, and supportive government, Portugal is undeniably Europe’s rising tech star.

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