Portugalist is the number one guide to Portugal and all things Portuguese – at least that’s what I’m aiming for anyway.

Although there’s now a lot more information about Portugal available than there was a few years ago, there’s definitely still a lack of good quality information out there.

That’s why I started Portugalist. I wanted to create a resource for people living in and visiting Portugal that was informative and helpful, and that allowed me to share my love of this great country.

The site is (and probably always will be) a work in progress. It takes a long time to put each article together, and to keep on top of articles that I’ve already written, but slowly Portugalist is becoming the definitive resource about Portugal. From the best beaches in the Algarve to what to eat when you come to Portugal, Portugalist is slowly becoming the definitive resource on Portugal.

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About Me

James is the blogger in chief of Portugalist.com, a website about Portugal and all things Portuguese. He has spent time living in several parts of Portugal, including Lisbon, the Algarve, and Northern Portugal, and has travelled extensively throughout the rest of the country.