Olá and welcome to Portugalist. 

I love Portugal, but it’s often hard to find good-quality information about Portugal. That’s why I started Portugalist. I wanted to create an online guidebook about Portugal, a website that was informative and helpful, and that allowed me to share my love of this great country. I wanted a place where people could ask questions about Portugal, and where they could learn about Portuguese food and wine, as well as Portugal’s history, culture, and language.  

Since launching Portugalist, the articles on here have been viewed millions of times and I’ve been very lucky to be featured in publications like the Culture Trip and on the BBC. 

I hope that you find Portugalist useful, and it really enriches your time here in Portugal. If you want to keep up-to-date with the latest articles, be sure to subscribe to the newsletter. I’m also on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest) as well. If you want to ask a question about Portugal, just get in touch with me. 


About Me (James)

James in Lisbon
Posing in Lisbon’s Praça do Comércio

I’ve spent a lot of time in Portugal. As a child, I spent several years living in the North of Portugal and I’ve since spent time living in Lisbon and in the Algarve. I’ve also travelled extensively throughout the country, and visited Portuguese communities around the world. 

james graduation
Graduating kindergarten in Penafiel in the North of Portugal

I travel a lot myself as well. I’ve been very lucky in that I’ve been able to travel throughout Europe, North America, and Asia, and also to live in parts of the world like Germany, Spain, Ireland, the UK, France, and South Africa. Yet, despite having been to so many places, Portugal always manages to draw me back. 


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  1. You two are so young and I really love it. We,too, found Portugal in our 20’s, riding a Yamaha 650ES twin from the UK down to the coast, via France, Spain, etc.

    We prefer Portugal to Spain for many reasons. The warmth of these people is palpable.

    The food is terrific. The beauty is surprising. And the food and wine are affordable, and the Veg is clearly superior to anything we find in America, even California, where we spend part of our lives, as Full-time travelers/RV-ers.

    RV-ing here is not as good as America, but do-able. We have considered it.

  2. Hi, would like to ask your advice on a 10-day trip to Portugal in July starting with 3 days in Porto, driving north to Braga and Guiamares, then back to Aveiro for the 4th night. But trying to logically fit in Tomar, Coimbra, Alcobaca, Evora and Obidos has us stumped in 2 days as the last 3 days will be in Lisbon. Can you advise on logistics of time to see stuff and what is best to include if impractical? Would be grateful for your thought, thanks

    • Hi Cynthia,

      That’s a lot to try and cram in, and I don’t know that you have time to see it all unfortunately.

      I would probably cut out Évora. It’s a beautiful city, but it’s so far out of your way in comparison to the other cities that I think it’s the one that has to go. Normally I would recommend a day in each place, but this would only allow you half a day in each. With travel included, it’s going to be very tight and you’re only going to get a glimpse of each place.

      If it was me, I would either cut my list down further (1 place = 1 day) or I’d take a day off of Lisbon and try and do 4 places in 3 days. There’s a lot to see and do in Lisbon, but you will be able to cover the vast majority in 2 days.

      This doesn’t leave any time to relax, so I guess you’ll have to book another holiday to recover 🙂

  3. Hi James, we are going to visit the Azores in late June-early July.
    Any advice on accommodations and restaurants? Any must see places?

  4. Hi!
    My husband and I are sincerely thinking about living part time in Portugal and part time in the USA after we retire. We have visited your beautiful country and traveled from the south to the north venturing inland to explore and know this is where we would like to live 3 months out of the year (or more depending on the difficulty of obtaining proper visas for a stay longer than the 3 months).
    But, we are concerned about healthcare and would greatly appreciate solid and specific advice on how USA citizens can acquire medical coverage and anything else you feel is helpful.
    Thank you for your help!


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