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Portugalist is all about making Portugal simple. So, whether you’re planning a trip to Portugal or considering moving here, we’re here to make things nice and simple.

Portugalist was created in 2016. At the time, there was a severe lack of good-quality information about Portugal, particularly moving here. Most content was was either top-level or worse out-of-date or inaccurate. Many of the article were even written by freelance writers who had never been to the places that they were writing about (unfortunately, this still happens a lot!).

That’s when we launched Portugalist.

Since launching, Portugalist has been referenced in countless international publications like Forbes, Skyscanner, and The Culture Trip, and The Wall Street Journal. Every year, millions of people visit Portugalist and use it to plan their trip or move to Portugal.

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James Cave

james graduation
Graduating kindergarten in Penafiel in the North of Portugal

I’ve spent a lot of time in Portugal, and during that time I’ve managed to visit just about every single part of it. That includes Madeira and all nine islands of the Azores.

I’ve also spent time living in Portugal. As a child, I spent several years living in the North of Portugal and I’ve since spent time living in Lisbon and in the Algarve.

I’ve also visited Portuguese communities around the world (like Little Portugal in London, Fall River in Massachusetts, and the Kudeejeen neighbourhood in Bangkok).

Finally, I’m the author of several books, including one about moving to Portugal: Moving to Portugal Made Simple.


From lawyers and accountants to telecommunication experts, there are a number of people who have contributed to Portugalist to provide helpful content about living in Portugal.

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