The Unlikely Origins of Portugal’s Beloved Alheira Sausage


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Alheira, a smoked Portuguese sausage known for its unique garlic flavour, is one of Portugal’s most famous traditional dishes. In 2011, it was celebrated as one of Portugal’s seven gastronomic wonders, a testament to its cherished place in the nation’s cuisine. This sausage is a staple on Portuguese menus, often accompanied by a fried egg … Read more

Bola de Berlim: A Must-Try While at the Beach

bola de berlim

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The Bola de Berlim, directly translating to “Berlin Ball,” is a staple in Portuguese pastelarias, and a must-try Portuguese delicacy. The origins of this treat trace back to World War II, credited to Jewish refugees who introduced the concept of doughnuts to Portugal. After finding employment in local pastelarias and cafés, they shared their recipes, … Read more

How Dangerous Are Portugal’s Processionary Caterpillars?

Processionary caterpillars in a line on the ground

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If you’re moving to Portugal, one insect you’ll hear a lot about is the processionary caterpillar or pine processionary caterpillar. But what are these creatures and why are people so concerned about them? After all, they’re just a caterpillar, right? How dangerous are these to humans? The hairs of these caterpillars contain an irritating toxin … Read more

24 Must-Read Books Set in Portugal

woman reading a novel on a beach

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Portugal has been the setting for numerous captivating novels that bring its essence to life. These books, especially those written by Portuguese authors, offer an immersive experience into the country’s soul, perfect for those wishing to learn more about its unique culture. And, if you’re unable to visit Portugal in person, these books promise to … Read more