Ericeira Guide: The Best Things to See, Do, & Eat

surfing near Ericeira

Ericeira, a trendy surfing haven on Portugal’s west coast, radiates vibrant energy with its pristine beaches and captivating surf culture. Fondly dubbed “Onde O Mar É Mais Azul” or “the place where the sea is the bluest,” this charismatic town effortlessly melds Portugal’s rich cultural tapestry with surf culture, nomad life, and alternative living.  It’s … Read more

Tavira Guide: 5+ Of the Best Things to Do in Tavira

praca republica tavira

Nestled in the Algarve, Tavira emerges as a captivating seaside town that elegantly stretches over the gentle Gilão River, connected by a historic Roman bridge. Our Tavira guide promises a journey through this enchanting town, where winding cobblestone streets pave the way to its hilltop castle and a myriad of churches, offering a glimpse into … Read more

Salema Guide: The Best Things to See & Do

salema town and beach

Nestled within the pristine boundaries of the Costa Vincentina Natural Park in the western Algarve, Salema stands as a testament to the untouched beauty of Portugal’s coastline. Unlike the heavily developed central Algarve, the west retains its authentic charm, with Salema being a shining example. This quaint town, with its rich fishing heritage, is a … Read more

Comporta Guide: 7 Of the Best Things to Do

aerial photo of comporta beach and the surrounding troia peninsula

Comporta, a hidden gem just 90 minutes from the bustling city of Lisbon, is quickly becoming the summer haven for the global fashion elite and A-list celebrities. Nestled on the Alentejo coast of Portugal, this former fishing village boasts a blend of pristine golden beaches, upscale restaurants, and laid-back beach clubs. While Lisbon continues to … Read more

Alte Guide: 6 Of the Best Things to Do

alte view from bridge

Alte, a picturesque village nestled in the central Algarve, is a serene escape from the bustling tourist hubs of the region. Located at the northwest end of Loulé’s municipality, this quaint village is renowned for its natural beauty, particularly its refreshing water springs and cascading waterfall. With a population of fewer than 2,000 inhabitants, Alte … Read more

Olhão Guide: 5+ Best Things to Do

Arial photo of Olhao

Olhão, nestled in the heart of the Algarve, is a town that beautifully captures the essence of the region’s maritime heritage. Dominated by its bustling fish market, which is best visited on Saturdays, the town is a testament to the Algarve’s deep-rooted fishing traditions. Every day, local fishermen bring in a fresh catch that ranges … Read more

Monchique Guide: 5+ Of the Best Things to Do

Mel e Medronho shop in Monchique

Tucked away amidst the verdant expanse of the Serra de Monchique mountain range lies Monchique, a tranquil town that offers a refreshing contrast to the bustling coastal regions of the Algarve. With a modest population of around 6,000, Monchique is a haven for those seeking a more authentic and rural Algarvian experience. The town’s location, … Read more

Aljezur Guide: 5 of the Best Things to Do

Riverside Aljezur

Nestled in the western reaches of the Algarve, Aljezur stands as a testament to the region’s unspoilt beauty. Far from the bustling tourist hubs, this tranquil town offers a glimpse into the Algarve’s authentic charm, where nature and tradition converge in harmonious splendour. Surrounded by rolling hills, verdant valleys, and a rugged coastline, Aljezur is … Read more

Sagres Guide: The 5 Best Things to Do

Sagres, often referred to as “The End of the World,” holds a mystical allure that has drawn explorers, surfers, and tourists alike to its rugged coastlines. Located at the southwesternmost tip of Portugal and Europe, this town is steeped in maritime history and legends. Perched atop towering cliffs with the vast expanse of the Atlantic … Read more

Carvoeiro Guide: Best Things to Do

View of Carvoeiro town and beach from above

Carvoeiro, with its charming allure and scenic backdrop, paints the quintessential portrait of Algarve’s coastal magnificence. Nestled between rugged cliffs and overlooking the vast expanse of the Atlantic Ocean, this former fishing village has gracefully evolved into a sought-after tourist destination. Characterised by whitewashed buildings, narrow cobbled streets, and the ever-present views of the beach, … Read more