A Guide to Albufeira’s Famous Strip

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Published: September 2020 & Last Updated: November 2021

The Strip or Monte Choro Strip is the colloquial name given to the long road, Avenida Sá Carneiro, that runs from the Monte Choro neighbourhood to the Areias de São João neighbourhood in Albufeira.

It’s a long road of nightclubs, bars, restaurants, and cafés serving full English breakfasts that’s buzzing all day and stays that way well into the early hours of the morning. If you follow the strip to the end, you’ll get to “Cardiac Hill” which takes you down to Praia da Oura (Oura Beach).

Accommodation on and around The Strip

You’ll find all kinds of accommodation in and around the strip, including hotels, villas, and Airbnbs.

Hotels near The Strip

There are several well-rated hotels within walking distance of the strip including:

  • Luna Hotel da Oura – From €63 per night – 6 minutes from the strip, and 15 minutes from the beach.
  • Hotel da Aldeia – From €81 per night – Right on the strip itself and only 7 minutes from the beach.

Villas & Apartments near The Strip

  • Golden Beach by 3HB – From €67 per night – 3 minutes to the strip, and 2 minutes to the beach. 
  • Vila Petra – From €72 per night – 2 minutes from the top of the strip, and around a 20-minute walk to the beach.

Need more hotel options? See the list of the best hotels nearest The Strip. Alternatively, if you want to be closer to the Old Town, check out these top hotels in (or near) Albufeira’s Old Town

Who’s The Strip for?

If you’re looking for cheap drink promos and partying, then The Strip is definitely the place for you.

Although The Strip has always been the livelier bit of Albufeira, over the past few years it has really cemented itself as the destination for lad’s holidays (and girl’s holidays), stag dos, and hen parties.

If that doesn’t sound like it’s right for you, and you’re looking for something quieter, take a look at Albufeira’s Old Town. There are still plenty of bars here, and the party can still go on quite late, but it has a more relaxed and more family-friendly vibe than The Strip.

Alternatively again, you could visit one of the many other towns on the Algarve like Alvor, Praia da Rocha, or Carvoreiro.

There are quite part of The Strip, of course, particularly the top end where there are a couple of quiet bars, some restaurants, and ice-cream parlours. The bottom half (or Areias de São João part) is the lively part and this is where the majority of stag and hen parties end up.

Things to do on “the strip”

The strip is made up of bars, restaurants, nightclubs, and a few cafés and the order of business here is eating and drinking. There are also a few ticket outlets and shops selling everything from sunscreen and flipflops to postcards and phallic bottle openers.

Bars on The Strip

Probably every second business on the strip is a bar, so you won’t find any shortage of places to drink here. Most have drinks deals such as free shots or two-for-one cocktails, and you’ll often find bar staff standing outside trying to lure you in.

Matt’s Bar (famous for its bucking bronco), Sunset on the Strip, and Wild & Co. are some of the most popular bars on the strip, but there are bars to suit every taste including gay bars, Irish bars, and karaoke bars.

Clubs on The Strip

As well as plenty of bars, the strip is also home to two of Albufeira’s most popular clubs: Club Heaven and Club Vida.

Kiss, while not technically on the strip, is only a 5-10 minute walk from the bottom of the strip. You’ll find it on Rua Vasco da Gama (Google Map).

Restaurants & Cafés on The Strip

Have you been to the strip? Do you have any recommendations of bars, restaurants, or places to stay? Let other people visiting Albufeira know your best tips by writing a comment below. 

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  2. Is the Anchora still there and the girl due Eclipse Jill and Thea.?
    ALso Hennys Bar on the strip near Monte Choro hotel

  3. Hi James, which clubs are currently open in Septmber?
    Can you please recommend about clubs/sunset parties/ boat party
    that are relevant in Sep 2021?

    • Hi David,

      I don't think nightclubs reopen until October 1st - https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2021-09-23/portugal-to-lift-limits-at-restaurants-allow-nightclubs-to-open

  4. Hi James
    I’m planning a stag do to Albufeira in June next year. Is the strip a lively place for a group of guys looking for a range of pubs? Has COVID closed down many places?

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  6. Hi,
    Looking to have my 30th there in March, been Albuferia a few times but never in March.

    Was just wondering if it would still be busy? Strip will be open ? I assumed there would still be stag and hen do’s.

    Thanks 🙂

    • Hi Lou,

      The majority of places should be open by then. March is normally a quieter month on the Algarve, but there would probably still be a few stag and hen dos and small groups. I don't know how many, though.

      Who knows what things will be like next March, though. It has definitely been a lot quieter this year.

  7. Hi. I was just wondering if anyone knows if vila nova resort will be open in October and if lizas pizza and karaoke bar is still open. We have stayed there a couple of times and love the place. We wouldn't book anywhere else. It's right on the strip and just across the road from the tourist train or wally trolley as we call it.

    • Hi Sarah,

      October is a long way away so it's hard to say what life will be like then. It's possible that bars could still be closed. Maybe the pizza side of the business will be open though.

      As for the resort, you'd best get in touch with them and ask.

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  9. I am coming to albuferia in March 4men what is the night life like then we are stopping in the minanove resort hotel how far will we be from the stripp

  10. Is the old town far to walk to the strip planning on going in Oct next near is the nightlife still gd that that time off year kind regards maggie

    • Hi Margaret,

      It's about a 2.5-3km walk. It is walkable and plenty of people do. There are also buses, taxis, and a tourist train as well.

      As for the nightlife, it'll be less manic than the summer but the bars and clubs will still be open. The season doesn't officially end until the end of October.

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  12. The strip is a sleezy road full of pick up bars. Any women frequenting this place are there for one thing and it's not karaoke. If your guy is heading here on a stag or your girl is on a hen, rest assured when the shots start they will wake up with a guilty conscience. Slumville city.

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  14. Hi, I was thinking of booking 3HGolden Beach until I read about “cardiac Hill” in this post. Is it that bad? How many steps would there be to climb up?

    I am looking for somewhere central, near to everything but not in the middle. Was initially thinking of self catering as I hear there are lots of nice places to eat?
    There is around 10 in our party & 1 or 2 children.

    Thank you for your advise x

    • Hi Tricky,

      Personally, I don't think it's that bad and calling it cardiac hill is definitely a cute exaggeration. It's a stretch of around 250 metres that gets a bit steep, and your legs will feel it a bit after a long day at the beach but I've been in plenty of towns and cities with roads that are steeper.

      There are usually tuk tuks at the bottom of the hill if you have a day when you're feeling lazy.

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  16. Hi I've been to Portugal a lot of times in the a few years ago used to go when the carousel was there. I was just wanted to know if anyone knew what happened to two djs called mark and Ricardo who were at the carousel used to go every year a few years ago if anyone knows anything could you please let me know would be appreciated thanks Rachel.x

  17. was at the strip earlier this year, mainly stags and hens, if thats your thing then great, but maybe other people would like albufeira old town better

    • From speaking to people who visited the Algarve a few years ago, the strip wasn't always like this. I don't know if these people are looking through rose-tinted glasses, or not. It seems it was always cheesy and full of places that you could get full English breakfasts and fish & chips, but wasn't as rowdy.

      Albufeira Old Town is a better option for those that want Albufeira, but not as extreme a version. Other Algarve coastal towns like Carvoreiro and Armação de Pêra are also worth considering.

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