Is Amazon Prime Available in Portugal?

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Yes, Amazon Prime is available in Portugal. However, there are a few important points to note. 

Firstly, there is no Amazon Portugal. You would be getting a Prime membership with Amazon Spain, which offers free-two day delivery to Portugal on many items. Two-day delivery might not sound particularly fast if you’re used to next day or even same day delivery, but it’s the fastest option currently available to shoppers in Portugal. 

Read more about Prime with Amazon Spain here. 

Prime costs €4.99 per month and there is normally a free trial available. As well as 2-day delivery, the other selling points of Amazon Prime is access to Prime Video and access to exclusive offers reserved for Prime members.

Can I use my Prime UK/US Membership with Amazon?

If you already have an Amazon Prime membership in another country, you may be wondering whether your membership will work with Amazon Spain. It won’t. If you want Prime with Amazon Spain, you’ll need to purchase a separate Prime membership. 

Although Amazon has stores in multiple countries (e.g. Amazon Germany or Amazon France), they’re essentially different businesses. You need to create a separate account with each website and if you have Prime, it won’t work in another Amazon store. 

The exception is Prime Video. If you have a Prime membership in the UK or US for example, you may be able to watch some videos in Portugal but it’ll be heavily restricted (without a VPN, at least). 

Is it worth it?

For many people the answer is yes, but it depends on how much you shop at Amazon. Do you need (or want) your orders within a 2-day timeframe? If that’s important to you, then the price tag could be worth it. 

Amazon deliveries are often free for shoppers in Portugal who spend more than €29, so paying for free delivery may not be worth it. You should check your recent Amazon purchases to see if you’ve been paying for delivery and whether or not it would be worth it. 

As for Prime Video, that’s up to you. Prime Video has definitely improved over the past few years but many feel it still lags behind competitors like Netflix. It does have a reasonable amount of TV shows and movies now and so it may be perfectly adequate for your needs. 

Another consideration is that the products on Amazon Spain are sometimes more expensive than on Amazon Germany and it’s always wise to shop around. If you do some of your shopping at Amazon Germany, Prime may not make sense as you won’t be able to use your Spanish Prime membership there.

Perhaps the best thing you can do is take a free trial of Amazon Prime to see if it’s worth it for you. 

Should you keep your old Prime membershhip?

If you have Amazon Prime in another country, like the UK or US, you might be wondering whether or not you should keep it. For most people, the answer is no. Having Prime in the UK, for example, is only beneficial if you’re sending items to an address in the UK.

If you are going back to your home country a lot or send a lot of items to friends and family, it might be worth it. Most people stock up on a lot of items when they go back home and it can be very helpful to receive your orders quickly.

But generally, it doesn’t make sense to keep a Prime membership in another country.

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  1. Amazon Prime no longer available in Portugal

    I let my Amazon Prime in Spain expire some time ago (August 2022).
    Now (January 2023) I am back in Portugal and and when I wanted to subscribe again that seemed impossible unless one has an address [linked to a payment card?] in Spain. My billing address and my bank affairs with Amazon (Spain) are done using UK or Belgium based banks. No good.

    The error message when trying to sign up to Amazon Prime reads (in Spanish):
    “Sorry, only customers with a billing address in Spain can sign up for Amazon Prime on”.

    Amazon Prime is no longer available in Portugal.
    For no one; not for citizens nor residents unless having a billing address in Spain.

  2. Prime Video is a bit of a nonsense in Portugal. You can access the free videos, but in order to be able to see the rest, you need a credit card registered in the Amazon prime country you have your account…so if you go for Amazon Prime Spain, you need a bank account in Spain.

  3. Not sure what issues the above commenter was having, but we were able to sign up for Amazon Prime on amazon Spain just fine using our Portugal address (and US payment card). That was in September 2023.

    The only frustrating thing is that they do not have a family/household plan (unlike the US and German Amazon sites), so I have to do all of the ordering if my wife wants something shipped free.


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