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The Essential Guide to Shopping at Amazon from Portugal

Although there isn’t an Amazon Portugal (yet!), you can use Amazon in Portugal. I’ve been doing it for more than a decade. It isn’t always as straightforward as I’d like it to be, but (hopefully) this article is packed with lots of different tips and tricks that I’ve picked up over the years.

Amazon isn’t always as easy to use from Portugal as it is in other countries, but it is normally the best option for anyone living in Portugal that wants to shop online. No other retailer, Portuguese or international, comes close to offering the same selection and deals that Amazon does. And, if ever there’s a problem, Amazon’s customer service is usually pretty good as well.

Does Amazon deliver to Portugal?

Yes is the short answer. Although there’s no Amazon.pt, you can order from any of the other regional Amazons like Amazon Spain, Amazon Germany, or Amazon UK and get your order delivered to your address in Portugal.

In practice, there are a few issues that you might run into. Some sellers won’t ship to Portugal, for example, while others charge a lot of money for shipping.

That’s why I’ve put together this “how to” article. Some of the problems I’ve tried to address include:

  • Which “Amazon” is the best for people in Portugal? Amazon Spain, Germany, or Amazon UK?
  • What to do if a seller won’t ship to Portugal (or charges an exorbitant amount for delivery to Portugal).
  • What to do if you’re having problems getting your orders delivered to your address in Portugal.

Which Amazon Website is best for people living in Portugal?

Most people living in Portugal shop at Amazon.es (Amazon Spain), and this is normally the best option for people living in Portugal. Not only is it closest geographically, but they also offer free shipping on a lot of products: normally €29 for most orders or €19 for books.

It’s also a good idea to check on Amazon.de (Amazon Germany) as this is now the largest Amazon in Europe and you can often get your orders delivered in as little as one day.

Up until recently, Amazon.co.uk (United Kingdom) was the best option for shoppers in Portugal. That’s changing now, and Brexit might change it even further.

Anecdotally, Amazon Germany seems to deliver to Portugal faster than Amazon UK and, more importantly, it seems to have a higher success rate of arriving.

For second-hand books in English and certain products, however, you may still be better off shopping at Amazon UK.

If you buy a lot of English-language books, I would actually recommend getting a Kindle. There’s an upfront cost, sure, but you’ll save money on shipping in the long run.

Amazon US is definitely a last resort for most shoppers in Portugal as buying from the US usually means paying additional import fees as well as increased delivery costs (although this doesn’t usually happen with books). Many sellers also won’t ship to Portugal and, if they do, they charge high shipping fees for doing so.

Note: If you’re buying appliances, it makes most sense to buy them from Germany or Spain so that you get the European plugs.

Is Amazon.es Available in English?

Amazon Spain is only available in Spanish, however, it’s possible to translate Amazon Spain into English using Google Translate or a browser plugin.

Is Amazon.de Available in English?

Yes, you can change the language settings on Amazon.de to English. You can also change it to other languages like Dutch, Polish, Turkish and Czech.

Note: It doesn’t translate everything, though, and you’ll probably end up needing to translate the product description using your browser.

Amazon UK and Amazon USA are both available in English as standard, which is one of the reasons a lot of expats living in Portugal use them – especially Amazon UK.

What should I do if the item can’t be shipped to Portugal?

Notice on Amazon: this item does not ship to portugal
A lot of sellers do not ship to Portugal, and you’ll soon get used to it. To get around this, you have three options:
  1. Find a seller that does deliver to Portugal.
  2. Use a package forwarding company who will provide you with an address in the UK/Germany/the US and then will forward your order onto you.
  3. Use eBay instead – it’s a little easier for international shopping).

Now, the Amazon Echo pictured above is actually a special case. Amazon doesn’t deliver them internationally, so you’ll either need to use a package forwarding company or buy one from eBay (which is often easier to shop with as an international shopper than Amazon).

For most items, however, it’s usually possible to find another seller.

Find another seller

other sellers on amazon

There’s usually more than one company selling the product that you’re looking at: below the “add to basket” button, there’s another button which says “Other Sellers on Amazon”.

Unfortunately, finding another seller can be very time-consuming: often you need to put the items into your basket and go to the checkout to see if the item can be delivered to Portugal (and also how much postage will cost).

If I’m in a rush, I sometimes just use eBay. Although I’d prefer to shop with Amazon as their customer service is better, eBay is easier for international shoppers as it automatically shows you everything that can be delivered to Portugal.

ebay postage to Portugal

Use a package forwarding company

Package forwarding companies give you an address in another country, like the UK, USA, or Germany. Rather than getting your Amazon order sent to your address in Portugal, you send it to the package forwarding company and they forward it onto you.

I’ve had mixed results with package forwarding companies. All of my orders have arrived, but my shipping costs have often ended up being more expensive than the pricing estimator predicted they would be.

Unfortunately, there’s no definite way of knowing how much your shipping costs will be until the package forwarding company have weighed and measured it. If you can, I think it’s better to look for another seller as then you know what your costs will be upfront.

UK package forwarding companies

  • Algarve Express – Based in Alcantarilha in the Central Algarve, this company brings orders out from the UK every week. The benefit of this company is that they handle the entire delivery rather than passing it between couriers and you can go and pick your order up.
  • Algarve Removals – Has several depots in Portugal (including Lisbon and several locations in the Algarve) and can also deliver to your door. Like Algarve Express, the benefit of this company is that they handle the entire delivery rather than passing it between couriers and you can go and pick your order up.
  • Direct Transport – Similar to both Algarve Express and Algarve Removals, this company allows you to send your order to their address in the UK and pick it up from their depot (near Porches).
  • Forward2me – I’ve used Forward2me a few times, but every time I’ve used them the amount I’ve ended up paying has always been higher than their estimate (usually double), so they’re a last option. I definitely wouldn’t use them for sending a large item like a bike as I got stung with very high costs.
  • Forwardvia
  • MyUKMailbox
  • Parcl

US package forwarding companies

  • Planet Express – I’ve used this company to forward books and other small parcels from the US as they’re one of the few that allow you to forward via snail mail rather than a courier company. They have a (sales) tax-free warehouse in Oregon.
  • MyUS
  • Shipito
  • Viabox
  • Stackry
  • USendhome
  • Parcl

German package forwarding companies

Tip: Need a more permanent address in the UK?

If you shop at Amazon UK a lot, it may make more sense to get a permanent UK mailbox rather than use a package forwarding company – especially if you need to keep an address in the UK.

Expost, for example, allows you to keep a permanent UK address for £20 per month. Designed for expats, the address works as a residential address so you can receive all your bank statements, driving licence, and everything else there, along with your Amazon orders (a £3 handling charge applies for packages).

  • Tip: Use the code SAVER to get 1 month free when you sign up for 12.
  • Tip #2: Send your order with a courier and not Royal Mail.

In theory, it shouldn’t really save you that much money. In practice, however, it can. It also just makes sense to get all of your post (bank statements and everything else) forwarded to you whenever you put an Amazon order in – something that’s not possible with a package forwarding company. 

Is Amazon Prime worth it for people living in Portugal?

As there is no Amazon.pt (the future Amazon Portugal website) yet, Amazon Prime isn’t going to be a lot of use for most people.

That said, Amazon Prime may be worth it if you regularly shop on Amazon in another country (e.g. the UK, Germany, or Spain) and use a package forwarding company to send those items to Portugal. Unfortunately, it doesn’t offer better rates or shipping times for sending items directly to Portugal – it just means that you can get your order from Amazon to the package forwarding company in the UK, Germany, or wherever faster.

As well as faster shipping, you also get access to TV shows and movies which you can stream in Portugal (similar to Netflix). You also get Amazon Prime Music, a limited version of Amazon Music (similar to Spotify), which gives allows you to stream 2 million songs ad-free.

Prime members get a slightly discounted rate on the full Amazon Music streaming membership (around €2 less per month), but you still have to pay for it separately.

Ignoring the Amazon Video and Music components, you would probably need to place 1-2 orders a month on Amazon to make Prime worthwhile.

Amazon does normally offer a free 30-day trial of Prime in each country, so you can test it out for free to see if it’s worthwhile. Just be sure to cancel your subscription before the 30 days are up if you don’t think you’re going to use it.

Note: Your Amazon Prime account is tied to one country. If you have Amazon Prime in the UK, for example, you won’t have Amazon Prime in Spain or Germany as well.

Can I watch Amazon Prime Video in Portugal?

Yes, if you have Amazon Prime in another country you can watch Amazon Prime Videos from Portugal.

At least, I was able to watch Amazon Prime Videos on a UK Amazon Prime account.

Does Amazon deliver to Madeira? What about the Azores?

Unfortunately, even if companies ship to continental Portugal, they don’t always deliver to the Azores or Madeira.

This must be particularly frustrating for those living on the Portuguese islands as they are actually some of the biggest online shoppers in Portugal due to the fact that it’s often hard to buy what they want offline.

As with everything else, the advice is the same.

First, look for another seller who will ship to you. Take a look at the other regional Amazons and have a look at eBay as well.

Another option is to send the order first to continental Portugal, and then to get someone to forward it onto you. The cheapest and best option is to send it to someone that you know who lives in mainland Portugal but, if that’s not an option, use Parcl instead (note: this can work out expensive).

Another option again would be to use Grabr.io to find someone in the UK, Germany, or the US who is coming to the islands and would be able to bring your order to you. While this is probably going to be cheaper than Parcl, in practice it can be difficult to find people travelling to the Azores or Madeira.

It has to be said that neither of these solutions are ideal.

What can I do if the shipping costs are extortionately high?

The joy of finding a seller that ships to Portugal is often quickly replaced by the glum feeling of seeing how much they charge for shipping.

If the delivery costs are too high, you have a few options (the same as above):

  1. Find another seller that’s cheaper
  2. Use a package forwarding company

This is the same advice as above: see the tips there.

My Orders Aren’t Getting Delivered. What can I do?

Even if you are able to get your order delivered to Portugal and the delivery costs are reasonable, sometimes your order just won’t show up.

This is particularly an issue with one courier company, GLS, and it’s best to avoid them if you can. Unfortunately, they’re partnered with Royal Mail in the UK so, if your order is sent with Royal Mail, it’ll be handed over to them. Even if it costs more, it’s better to send your stuff with a courier like DPD (Chronopost) or DHL.

Update: As of October 2019, CTT (the Portuguese Post Office) will deliver Amazon orders. 


  • Order from companies with good customer service who’ll refund you if your order doesn’t show up (Amazon is one example).
  • If you live in the rural Algarve, use one of the removals companies listed below.

Of course, sometimes things just take a long time to get delivered – often because it’s buried in the back of the courier’s van or in the parcel depot centre. So, your order may turn up if you give it a bit more time.

Live in the countryside? Live on the 5th floor?

If you live in the countryside in Portugal, as a lot of expats do, your letterbox might not be attached to your property: it could be a mailbox that’s down the road somewhere.

The problem with this setup is that while these mailboxes are fine for receiving letters, they’re not big enough to receive a package – say an order from Amazon. If your order is being sent via CTT Correios de Portugal (the Portuguese postal service) you’ll normally get a card in your mailbox and you can go and pick it up 24 hours later.

Couriers, on the other hand, don’t seem to leave these cards. It’s questionable whether they even go to the mailbox at all. Many will even say that your address doesn’t exist at all.

If you live in the rural Algarve, this is easy to get around: just send your order via a company like Algarve Express, Algarve Removals, or Direct Transport (depending on which one has a depot near you) and go and pick it up from the depot.

For everyone else, try the tips below.


  • Try to put your Portuguese phone number on the label (if they phone, they’re usually close by and the best thing that you can do is to go and drive to where they are).
  • If you’re sending via a courier, it may be better to not put the CP box number on the address.
  • If you can get it sent somewhere else, such as an office or a shop, get it sent there instead.
  • Consider putting a note on your mailbox telling the courier where your house actually is.
  • Make friends with your courier drivers.

There’s no guarantee that either of these two things will work, but it’s better than nothing.

If you live in an apartment and you live high up, you may run into problems as well. This is especially true if you don’t have an elevator in your building: some couriers don’t deliver to apartments that are on the top floors.

The same sort of advice applies. If you can, get it delivered to a shop or office closer to the ground floor.

Also, go to the courier (especially if you don’t have an elevator). If the courier knows that you’ll come down to get your delivery, they’re more likely to ring the buzzer.

Ordering from Amazon Pantry

As well as just delivering books, Amazon in the UK and US is increasingly moving into the grocery delivery space – particularly for long life food products. As there isn’t an Amazon in Portugal yet, this really isn’t an option at the moment.

There are a few ways around it, though.

  • Order to Amazon UK, but get your order forwarded with a package forwarding company.
  • Order from an “expat grocery shop” like British Cornershop who’ll deliver to Portugal.
  • Order your groceries from a Portuguese supermarket (note: if you’re looking for specific British or German products, you might struggle to find them).

An overview of the different Regional Amazon Websites

Amazon Spain

Amazon Spain is the most popular Amazon website for shoppers in Portugal, followed by Amazon UK and Amazon Germany.

  • It’s the closest Amazon warehouse to Portugal.
  • Free shipping or at least super cheap shipping is often available (typically on orders over €29 or just €19 for books).
  • Almost all of the products can be delivered to Portugal.
  • Express delivery (as quick as 1-2 days) is available on many items but, in general, expect your delivery to take around a week to arrive.
  • It’s in Spanish which, if you speak Portuguese, is relatively easy to understand (if you don’t, click here to read how to translate Amazon Spain into English).

The downsides of using Amazon España are:

  • It doesn’t have the same range of products that Amazon UK or Germany have.
  • Sometimes, items are more expensive than on Amazon UK and Amazon Germany.

So, if you can’t find what you’re looking for on Amazon Spain, you’ll need to look at one of the other alternatives

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Amazon UK

Amazon UK is probably the second-most popular stop for Amazon shoppers in Portugal. This is possibly a little bit due to the large number of English speaking expats living in Portugal, but mainly due to the fact that it’s so good.

Amazon UK: 

  • Generally has the biggest range of products available.
  • It’s often the cheapest (although not always).
  • Great for things like books, especially second-hand or rare books.

As with Amazon Germany (below), the downsides to Amazon UK are:

  • Delivery can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks.
  • You normally have to pay for shipping.
  • Some items can’t be shipped (or sellers charge an exorbitant amount to ship to Portugal).
  • Royal Mail work with GLS who regularly don’t deliver packages at all (Update: As of October 2019, CTT will deliver Amazon orders in Portugal).

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Amazon Germany

Amazon Germany is usually the next fastest after Amazon Spain, and it’s often the continental European site that’s the best value for money as well. It doesn’t always have the same range as Amazon.co.uk, but it’s definitely getting there.

Amazon Germany: 

  • Is often cheaper than Amazon Spain (and sometimes Amazon UK as well).
  • It’s available in English as well as German.
  • It has a great range of products.

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Amazon US

Amazon.com is the biggest Amazon site in the world. Items are usually cheaper on Amazon.com, but be aware that goods imported from outside the EU are liable for customs duty. This means they usually end up as expensive as buying from one of the European Amazon sites, and with a lot more hassle as well. A lot.

Some items don’t get stopped. Many small, low-cost items like books get through fine, but electronics and more expensive items are likely to get stopped at Portuguese customs.

Even if you use Amazon’s Global program, a program where Amazon collects the customs duties in advance, the item is still going to get held up for a few days. You won’t be liable for any more taxes, but your order will still be delayed and you may be contacted and asked to provide the receipt and your fiscal number (Número de Identificação Fiscal). Naturally, this applies to other companies like eBay as well.

In terms of shipping times, books usually take around 2-5 weeks to come from the United States. Other items can arrive faster but, the more expensive they are, they more likely they are to get held up in Portuguese customs.

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Is it possible to avoid import and customs duties when shopping at Amazon US?

If you order with any kind of expedited or courier service, you should expect to pay import and duty costs. Companies like Fedex and DHL work pretty much directly with customs.

If you order by snail mail, there’s a good chance that it’ll slip through – especially if it’s a low value product (say €20 or less). More expensive products, however, almost always get caught in customs.

One potential way to get around customs would be to use a service like Grabr.io and have someone bring you your order rather than sending it via a courier.

If you’re buying something expensive like a new phone or laptop, however, it might be worth taking advantage of some of the cheap flights to the US that keep cropping up (usually from Madrid or Barcelona rather than Lisbon) and going there and buying it yourself.

Can I use Amazon Gift Cards in Portugal?

There’s no Amazon Portugal yet obviously, but you can buy (and use) Amazon gift cards for any of the other Amazon websites e.g. Amazon Spain, Amazon UK, or Amazon Germany.

Are there Amazon Lockers in Portugal?

There are no Amazon lockers in Portugal yet, and that’s partly because Amazon hasn’t properly launched here yet.

Amazon was supposed to be partnering with Repsol (article in Portuguese) and putting collection points in Portuguese petrol stations, but so far this has only happened in Spain.

Currently, there are no alternatives to Amazon lockers.

Updates: Some updates are as small as a spelling correction. If you spot a mistake or want to suggest a contribution, leave a comment below.
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52 comments on “The Essential Guide to Shopping at Amazon from Portugal”

  1. Do you happen to know about ebooks? I hear reports that ebook sales of English-language books are blocked for Portugal. Is this your experience?

    • Hi Christine

      I have not heard this, but not sure it would be an issue (if true). There’s no Amazon.pt, and your Kindle will be registered at an international store e.g. Amazon UK or Amazon us where English language ebooks are obviously sold.

  2. As always, lots of very detailed information, which is going to be a big help for us as new property owners here in the Algarve (coincidentally, we live between Porches and Alcantarilha, where two of the big depots you mention are located). I’ve saved this page for future reference. Thanks again for being so thorough in your research.

  3. Hello!

    I am from Canada and am moving to Portugal.

    I am wondering what items I can bring from here to help myself adjust easier until I find my own way in Portugal.

    I am wondering what are the top items you purchase over amazon?

    What top items from US/CAN are not available in Portugal? Including electronics.

    Also I have read somewhere that I people have used North American extension cords using an adaptor in EU. Do you advise doing this or have any experience with this?

    Many Thanks!

    • Hi Joyce,

      I think electronics are the main thing. If you’re planning on getting a new laptop or mobile phone anytime soon, for example, it’s better to buy it in North America than in Portugal. Obviously you don’t want to go spending money for the sake of it, but it does make a bit of financial sense to buy things that you know you’ll need in Portugal.

      I think everyone’s Amazon purchases are going to vary a lot. For me, it’s usually electronic items or random things like certain teabags that I like and that would be very hard to find in Portugal.

      And, yes, you can easily get A US-EU plug adapter for your electronic devices but you might as well order it in advance from Amazon and bring it with you.

      • Hi James thanks for your response!

        I just wanted to clarify if there is any harm in using a US extension cord with the US/EU adapter?

        Many Thanks!

        • Hi Joyce,

          I don’t think there should be an issue, but I would recommend getting a second opinion from someone who’s more knowledgeable.

    • Hi! I am Portuguese living in the USA and the electricity in the USA is not the same as in Portugal. So, maybe a kindle or apple ipad and phones are cheaper here than over there…

  4. Hi James. I have a Goddaughter in Porto, Portugal. I would like her to apply to a job at Amazon if it places a location within her driving distance from there. Do you have any clue when this might occur? Thank you.

    • Hi Michael,

      I’ve not read anything about it recently. I wouldn’t hold off applying for other jobs as it could be a long time before anything happens.

    • Hi Priscilla,

      I’m not sure. Last year, there were a few news stories that said that Amazon Portugal was launching and Amazon was looking at opening a base in Porto. That was at the start of 2018, and I’ve not really read anything else.

      For the time being you’ll need to use one of the other Amazons e.g. Amazon Spain.

  5. We have lived in Portugal for many years and initially spent a lot of time trying to order from amazon however after a lot of issues, we have given up. We might well try again after reading this article but I think the change has actually been positive. By not shopping at Amazon we interact a lot more with the Portuguese and it probably means that we spend less as well. Online shopping is addictive and often uneccessary.

    • Hi Deirdre,

      Yes, this is true and there’s definitely an upside to it. I order a lot less on Amazon now because it’s more hassle – only when I really need something or can’t find it in Portugal.

  6. Fantastic overview of using Amazon in Portugal. I wish I had read this when I first moved here. It would have saved me a lot of headaches and hassle as I tried to get stuff delivered to me.

    Looking forward to reading the other articles on this site.

    • Hi Angola,

      Thank you.

      Well, the article mightn’t have been as thorough then! I had to go through a lot of headaches myself in order to write it 🙂

  7. Hi.. I think this is a brilliant overview for anyone living in Portugal. I can confirm that in the countryside even if it is not Algarve but the area of Pegoes GLS or DPD are still using the old trick of “Can´t find your house, and update your address.”. A week ago I argued around with them for over 1 week to finally have my parcel getting delivered to a local Cafe. How sad is that really? I complained to Amazon ES who apparently took it on board.
    Sometimes you just don´t have a chance to ask for a speedy service. I am shocked by this terrible attitude to work. It was not the first time this happened to me. I even sent messages to GLS on FB with my GPS coordinates from Google. Nothing.
    Would you please update us on what is possibly going on with an Amazon WH in Portugal? That would be awesome to be fair.

    • Thanks Petra,

      As you can tell, I’m very familiar with all the joys and pains that go with shopping at Amazon in Portugal (mainly pains).

      I don’t know much about the Amazon warehouse but I think CTT, the Portuguese Post Office, are going to be delivering Amazon orders now instead of GLS. There were a few articles in the Portuguese news about it recently.

      If you’re okay with going to pickup your Amazon order, I think some of the expat removals companies that come from the UK on a weekly basis are worth trying out (at least until Brexit happens).

  8. HI, I’m Amazon Prime from amazon.es website, I live in Portugal near the boarder with Spain. The point is I have buy a lots of products and because I’m Prime I never pay for the shipping now I have 2 products on the basket and I have to pay 3,99€ is not fair because I pay the Prime subscription I’m not a regular costumer.

    • Hi Jose,

      Prime delivery isn’t available on all products.

      Also, are you getting free delivery in Portugal with an Amazon.es Prime membership? That’s interesting.

  9. Hi!

    I have some balance in gift cards from Amazon US, which I have used before to buy a mobile and some clothes, without any trouble to be shipped and received in Portugal. However, in the last two months I placed three different orders to get some items (wristwatch and a mobile cover and protective glass)
    and they all have been returned to the seller (and I have been reemboursed after two weeks each time), but I don´t know if there is a new regulation on imports from the US to Portugal.
    I inquired to Amazon US and they said it is a problem with Portuguese customs, and Portuguese customs said they cannot provide any explanation since items have not received a delivered order in Portugal.
    I am afraid my Amazon.us gift card balance could not longer be used to import to Portugal. Amazon says it is not case, but my latest experiences make me thik the contrary.
    Are you aware of any similar case and/or how to overcome this issue?

    • Hi Carlos,

      I think Amazon is right: it can’t be anything to do with using gift cards. That wouldn’t make a difference. As for new regulations, I have no idea and I don’t know why those particular items would be returned.

      If you need the items, I would recommend ordering from a European Amazon store (e.g. Amazon UK, Germany, or Spain) and then decide what to do about your balance later.

  10. How does the delivery process work for a delivery to an apartment in Lisbon WITHOUT a doorman? Are deliveries “scheduled” in some way, or is there some sort of centralized delivery location from which I would have to pick things up??

    I realize things can’t just be left on the street, and leaving them in an unsecured lobby would be crazy too.

    • Hey Jeff,

      Most apartments in Lisbon (and I think most of Europe) don’t have doormen so the process works like this:

      The courier rings the doorbell for your apartment.
      If you’re in, he brings it to you and you sign for it (it’s polite to go down to them if you don’t have an elevator).
      If you’re not in, he either comes back another time or leaves a notice that you bring to the depot to collect your item.
      Some couriers will leave an item with your neighbour but this *should* only happen if you’ve arranged for that to happen with the courier company.

      Most couriers will only tell you the day that the courier should come and not an estimation of the time. After a while you get an idea of their rhythms though.

      If you work in an office, it’s often easier to try and get things delivered there.

  11. Hi James. I’m a regular user of Amazon Spain and I have Prime. Does my Prime.es work in other Amazon sites?

    • Hi Bruno,

      Do you mean Amazon Prime or Amazon Prime Video?

      I wasn’t able to get my Amazon Prime UK to work for deliveries in Germany or Spain. I think I am able to watch most of Amazon Prime’s videos, though.

  12. Hi. Is there anything similar to Amazon locker to postbox in Lisbon. I’ve shipped Amazon items successfully, but the shipping service sometimes required me to go collect from the shipper. Thanks in advance! James

    • I think Amazon lockers were due to be coming to Lisbon, but there’s no sign of them yet. There is Pudo, but I’ve never used them so don’t know what the service is like.

    • Not sure about amazon.co.pt.

      Had a quick look, and I don’t think it’s an official Amazon site. Like you say it just takes you to amazon.co.uk, so unfortunately it’s not a secret Portuguese Amazon site.

  13. Hello James! Is there any way to purchase “Amazon Echo 2”?
    It’s strange but amazone.uk/es/de does not ship it tho all sites around the web says Echo and Alexa available in Portugal. 🤷‍♀️

    • The Amazon Echo is a strange one. For some reason Amazon doesn’t ship them internationally. No idea why.

      There are two ways that you could get your hands on one (that I can think of). The first is to shop at Amazon.co.uk and use a parcel forwarding company like forward2me. You send the package to them in England, and they forward it onto you in Portugal for a fee (they have a pricing estimator on their site).

      The second option is to buy one on eBay. There are plenty of people/companies selling them new on eBay.

      Hope that helps!


  14. Hi.
    I want to send from Portugal birthday gifts to a friend in Spain. What shall I do?

    I also have an extra problem for I do not know if Amazon has gifts that could be sent.
    Maybe you can help me finding the items, too.

    Helium-filled balloons of animals;
    Teddy Bear (child size);
    Glass jar with roses.


    • Hi Luis,

      You can send an order from Amazon to your friend in Spain, but Amazon don’t really do gift wrapping or make it look like a present. If that’s important to you, you should get the items sent to you first, wrap them, and then send the package to your friend.

      I would have a look on Amazon Spain to see if they have those items. If not, Amazon UK is a good place to look.


  15. Will the still ship items to Portugal azores from a USA account and will I still be able to buy digital items of amazon

    • Hi Diogo,

      It depends on the seller and the item you want to ship. The only way to know is to add it to your basket and see.

      As for the USA account (amazon.com), that shouldn’t make a difference.

      Will you still be able to buy digital items? Do you mean Kindle Books and things like that? If your Kindle is registered to a US address, you shop at the Amazon US store. If it’s registered to a UK address, you shop at the UK store. Etc.

      Having a shipping address in the Azores won’t make a difference. You can have several shipping addresses in your address book, but only one is tied to your digital purchases.

  16. I heard that amazon pantry spain delivers to algarve…but now when i try and do it it says it wont deliver to this address? Do I have to have over a certain amount for it to deliver?

  17. I live in Canada but my son is living in Portugal. Can I order from amazon UK or amazon es with a Canadian billing address?

  18. Don’t use forward2me for large items. Their website isn’t very clear how much the item will cost, and you won’t know until it arrives at their warehouse and they measure it. Stick to small items.

  19. Does anyone know about the azores and does anything ship there? We are looking to move there and wanted to make sure places will ship?

    • Amazon ship to the Azores as far as I know, but the service is slower than to mainland Portugal. You’ll find that’s the case with everything, though. Add on around 3-4 working days or more.

      Ikea also deliver to the Azores and Madeira, but it’s not possible to buy every product that’s on Ikea Portugal’s website. Some are for mainland Portugal only.

  20. Use a company called Algarve removals who ship foodstuffs from U.K. Supermarkets, sent to there uk address on the south coast and then shipped , algarveremovals.com

  21. Hi. We’re going on holiday for 2 weeks self catering to Portugal in the summer.
    Wondering if I could use amazon pantry to deliver bulky items like drinks etc. We can’t eat out much due to allergies

    • Hi K,

      I don’t think Amazon Pantry delivers to addresses outside of the UK. There are a couple of alternatives, though.

      Some Portuguese supermarkets offer home delivery, which I’ve written about in another blog post. So, you could order from them.

      If you’re staying in the Algarve, and are looking for food items that you’re already familiar with, you could go to Iceland at Algarve Shopping. This isn’t identical to Iceland in the UK as it contains products from other stores like Waitrose as well. It’s basically a supermarket with English supermarket products. A lot are frozen or tinned, but they do have a butcher’s counter there as well.

      Alternatively, I’m sure there’ll be a supermarket somewhere near your self-catering apartment. You could order a taxi or an Uber and do a weekly shop if you’re not hiring a car in Portugal.

    • Hi there

      I just ordered electronic accessories on amazon.es. I ordered it with express shipment.

      According to DHL tracking information, it was shipped from Hamburg Germany yesterday. The parcel arrived today 16:30 in Carvoeiro/Lagoa/Algarve without problems.

      Even the driver called me on my foreign mobile number to doublecheck the location. Great!