Lisbon Luggage Storage Lockers & Apps: The Best Places to Drop Your Bags

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What do you do with your bags if your flight gets into Lisbon early? With cobbled streets and LOTS of hills, Lisbon is definitely not the kind of city that you want to carry your bags and suitcases through. I know! I’ve often arrived before I can check into an Airbnb or needed somewhere to store my luggage after check-out.

Thankfully, there are now plenty of companies in Lisbon that will store your backpacks and suitcases for a few hours, days, or even weeks. As well as lockers in train stations, there are also plenty of apps where you can drop your bags off at a nearby shop, museum, or café for a fee (typically around €6-9 per bag per day).

Many of these services have voucher codes (listed below) so be sure to take advantage and save yourself a few euros.

Visiting Lisbon?

Luggage Hero who are offering Portugalist readers 2 hours free when they use the code PORTUGALIST.

Luggage Storage Apps

Ever since I discovered these luggage storage apps, I’ve used them whenever I travel and the great news is that they’re available in many places around Portugal besides Lisbon, including Porto and the Algarve.

Below you’ll find a comparison of the many different luggage storage apps.

Hourly PricingCOSTInsurancePromo Code
Luggage HeroYES€ 8.90 per 24 hours€ 2,500PORTUGALIST (2 Hours Free)
BounceNO€6.65 per 24 hours$10,000PORTUGALIST5 (5% off)
NannyBagNO€ 6 – 12 (priced per day)€ 1,500PORTUGAL5 (5% off)
StasherNO€ 6-€12 (priced per day)£1,000
Radical StorageNO€ 6.75-€11.75 (priced per day)€ 3,000
LuggitNO€13.13 per 24 hours€500 p/bag (can upgrade to €1,200)PORTUGALIST
Prices are an estimate as it’s quite difficult to fully compare costs between each company.
  • Best for a few hours: LuggageHero offers pricing per hour while most of the others were per day, so could be the best option if it’s just for a few hours — especially as they offer 2 hours free for Portugalist readers. However, if you’re planning on storing your bags for 5 hours or more, it makes more sense to use another option like Bounce.
  • Most affordable: LuggageHero if it’s less than 5 hours, but otherwise Bounce as they price per 24 hours rather than per day.
  • Best for multiple bags: If the bags are small enough, a locker is the most cost-effective option as you pay per bag with most luggage storage apps. Otherwise, Bounce is a good option.
  • Which has the most locations: There’s not much in it, but Bounce probably has just a few more options than anyone else. Also worth a mention is Luggit, as they will come to you anywhere in Lisbon, so if there are no options nearby, they’re a great choice.
  • Best for long-term storage: While some companies have a time limit(NannyBag is 30 days), many companies like Stasher and Radical Storage didn’t seem to have any limit. However, they could end up costing a lot. Luggit seemed to have a limit of around 63 days, and worked out much cheaper than most of the others.
  • Most flexible option: Luggit brings your luggage to you when you’re ready, so this is ideal if you really don’t know where you’re going to be (or you’re going to be somewhere unusual). You could also have your bag picked up at the train station and then dropped off at your Airbnb.
  • Best for big items (like surfboards): Luggit is a great option.
  • Best for expensive items: Bounce offers the most insurance ($10,000 USD). However, LuggageHero‘s €2,500 coverage should be enough for most. Note: many of these companies won’t insurance items like cash or jewellery.

Where Should I leave my Luggage?

Luggage storage apps are great, but where in Lisbon should you leave your luggage?

If you’re waiting to check into an Airbnb

Here are a few suggestions:

  1. Find a luggage storage spot in Baixa or Chiado, which is right in the middle of the city centre. Go exploring and come back and collect your luggage before you check in.
  2. Find a luggage storage spot near your Airbnb, assuming there are things to see nearby. Go exploring and come back and collect your luggage before you check in.
  3. Have Luggit pick it up from you (e.g. at the airport, train station, or city centre) and then have them drop it off at your Airbnb when it comes time to check in. This means you don’t have to luggit on public transport.

If you’re arriving or leaving at an unusual time

Look for somewhere that’s open 24 hours (LuggageHero has a filter for this).

If you need to do your laundry: Luggage & Laundry, a luggage storage and laundrette combo, has two locations – one near Cais do Sodré and one close to Bairro Alto.

If you need to print a document (like a boarding pass): Try Luggage Storage Lisbon or Luggage @ City Centre (closed on Sundays).

If you’re taking the train or bus

  • Train: There are no luggage storage facilities at Entrecampos station. According to the Comboios de Portugal’s website, there are coin-operated lockers at Oriente. Storage is only available for a maximum of 24 hours. You could also use Luggit as they will collect from anywhere in Lisbon and drop your bag off wherever you need.
  • Bus: According to the Comboios de Portugal’s website, there are coin-operated lockers at Sete Rios and Oriente bus station.

If you’re visiting Lisbon on a layover

If you’re just flying in Lisbon for a few hours, there are luggage storage lockers at Lisbon Airport. You can drop it off and come back and pick it up before your flight. Note: the luggage storage is for a max of 48 hours.

Storing luggage at Lisbon Airport

Lockers at Lisbon Airport
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There are lockers at Lisbon Airport, which have a 48-hour max storage time in the locker. They are located near the Kiss & Fly carpark. After 48 hours, they will remove your items from the locker and store it elsewhere for a cost of €20 per day. This is far more expensive than using a luggage storage app.

Up to 3/hours€3€5€7€9
24 Hours€6€8€12€16
48 Hours€10€14€22€30
More than 48 hours€20 p/day€20 p/day€20 p/day€20 p/day

There are around 30-40 lockers or so here, in big, medium, and small sizes, as well as some lockers which are capable of storing a surf board. The price depends on the size of the locker. The lockers only accept card payments.

If you need luggage storage for longer than 48 hours, Luggage Hero and Bounce list some locations near to the airport, but they’re at least a taxi or metro ride away. Alternatively, you could use Luggit and they will come and collect your luggage from you at the airport.

There are also coin-operated lockers at Lisbon Oriente Train Station, which, as mentioned, is just four metro stops away. There are also coin-operated lockers at Lisbon Oceanarium also at Parque das Nações, four metro stops away.

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A deeper look at the apps

Luggage Hero

Luggage Hero has some of the highest insurance coverage of any of the services mentioned: €2,500 (or $3,000) per bag. As with the other services, cash, credit cards, and items like jewellery aren’t covered.

  • Free cancellation: You won’t be charged if you don’t show up, or if you find something better.
  • Use the code PORTUGALIST to get 2 hours free.


Bounce, like the other companies listed, is a luggage storage app where you can find cafés, restaurants, and museums where you can store your bag. Bounce offers an extremely high level of cover: $10,000 so it’s perfect for those with laptops, cameras, and other expensive items.

  • You can also get packages (e.g. those all-important Amazon orders) sent to a pickup location. This costs around €5, depending on the size of the package


Nannybag is one of the largest luggage storage services, with locations all over Lisbon.

  • Your luggage is insured for up to €1,500 in total or up to €1,000 per item.
  • Use the coupon code PORTUGAL5 to get 5% off.


Stasher, like these other apps, is essentially Airbnb but for luggage storage: the website shows you local shops, cafés, and other businesses that offer luggage storage. Simply select a place that looks suitable, and you can then book your storage online using a credit card or PayPal.

  • Your luggage is insured for up to £1,000, excluding cash and some other items, so don’t store anything more valuable than that.

Radical Storage

Like Stasher, Radical Storage (formerly Bagbnb) lets you connect with nearby shops, hotels, and other businesses that offer luggage storage on their premises.

Simply put in your location and Radical Storage will show you nearby places that offer luggage storage. The website has quite a few users, so it’s easy to see places that other travellers have used before (and, most importantly, reviewed). Opening times are marked in the listings, which is useful if you need to find somewhere that’s open particularly early or late.

  • €5 per day per bag (note: per day, not 24 hours).
  • There is no size or weight limit so good for large items, even bicycle bags.
  • You have to pre-book and there are no refunds if you decide not to use the service.
  • Your luggage is insured for up to €3,000.
  • Use code PORTUBAG10 to get 10% off.


Luggit works slightly differently from the other luggage storage apps: rather than you going to a shop with your luggage, a Luggit driver (called a ‘Keeper’) comes to you. They will collect your bags, suitcases, surfboard, or whatever else from wherever you are in Lisbon and, using the app, you can arrange when and where you want them delivered to you.

This saves you spending time lugging your bags around Lisbon. It also means you don’t have to go back to the place where you left your bags.

Note: Collecting and returning to Lisbon Airport is more expensive than other locations around Lisbon.

  • You can store your bags for as long as you like.
  • The standard insurance amount is €500 per bag, but you can upgrade to get cover for €1,200 per bag.
  • Big ‘out of format’ items like surfboards, bicycles, golf equipment, small musical instruments, tennis rackets, and baby and child equipment can also be stored.

A few important notes

  • If you’re storing expensive items such as computers or tablets, make sure you use a service with adequate insurance.
  • If you’re storing cash or credit cards, be sure to read the terms and conditions and many policies have exclusions.
  • If you do carry your expensive items with you, be careful when visiting touristy places like Tram 28, which is known for pickpockets.
  • If you’re storing your luggage in a shop or café, be sure to check the opening hours. You can find plenty of places that stay open late or even 24 hours, but some places are more 9-5.

Luggage storage in other parts of Portugal

Travelling to other parts of Portugal? Be sure to read Portugalist’s guides to luggage storage in other destinations like Porto, Faro, The Algarve, Braga, and the whole of Portugal.

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