The Algarve for Naturists

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Published: October 2017 & Last Updated: June 2022

With more than three hundred days of sunshine per year, and miles and miles of beautiful sandy beaches, the Algarve is the perfect location for getting an all-over tan.

Although the Algarve only has a handful of official nude beaches, naturism is a common feature on many of the beaches here. Topless sunbathing even more so.

The Algarve is also home to many naturist accommodation options such as villas and guesthouses. This means you don’t have to limit yourself to getting that perfect tan on the beach: you can get it at your accommodation as well.

Naturist accommodation on the Algarve

Some people are happy just stripping off when they get to the beach, while others specifically look out for naturist accommodation. The Algarve has several nudist guesthouses as well as at least one adults-only hotel that welcomes naturists.

  • VILAPURA – Located in Tavira, near Faro on the Eastern side of the Algarve, this contemporary hotel is the perfect place for naturist couples to stay on the Algarve
  • Cabana del Sol – Situated in Monte da Charneca near Alte and Monchique in the heart of the rural Algarve, this wooden chalet offers stylish accommodation with an outdoor swimming pool, sauna, and hot tub. This property is adults-only
  • Villa Paraiso – Situated near Porches, Villa Paraiso offers adults-only hotel accommodation. The hotel is not officially a nudist hotel, and describes itself as naturism optional. However, it attracts a large number of naturists and states that naturism is welcomed
  • Monte Mimosa – A nudist-friendly villa rental in Moncarapacho, near Olhão, that has three bedrooms and three bathrooms, and space for up to six people
  • Algarve Naturism  – Naturist-friendly one-bedroom self-contained annex plus cottage with one-bedroom and ensuite bathroom accommodating up to four people

Gay-Focused Naturist Accommodation

  • Casa Risa – A clothing-optional resort for men that’s situated in Mexilhoeira Grande, near to seaside towns like Alvor, Lagos, and Praia da Rocha
  • Casa Amendoa – Another clothing-optional resort for gay men, Casa Amendoa is situated near Tunes in the Algarve countryside

If you want more private accommodation, you could book a villa on the Algarve. has a very good selection of villas.

Naturist beaches on the Algarve

As of 2016, there are officially nine naturist beaches in Portugal and four of these are located in the Algarve. As well as these four official naturist beaches, there are several others which are known to be nudist beaches but aren’t official.

Official naturist beaches on the Algarve

Ilha desera near Faro
Ilha desera near Faro
  • Praia Barril on the Ilha de Tavira – This is the oldest official nudist beach on the Algarve, having received its official status in 1996.
  • Praia das Adegas at Odeceixe-Aljezur – Situated on the Western Algarve, near the border with the Alentejo, this has been an official nudist beach since 2004. Its remote location, far away from the hustle and bustle of the rest of the Algarve, makes it a very quiet and relaxing beach.
  • Ilha Deserta, Faro – Located in the Ria Formosa near Faro, this secluded beach that’s only accessible by ferry has been an official nudist beach since
  • Meia Praia, Lagos – As of 2016, the Alvor end of Meia Praia beach near Lagos is officially a nudist beach.

Unofficial naturist beaches on the Algarve

As well as the official naturist beaches, there are plenty of Algarve beaches where nude sunbathing is tolerated. The majority are located on the Western Algarve near Sagres and Vila do Bispo, and this part of the Algarve tends to attract more open-minded and nature-focused tourists.

Eastern Algarve

  • Ilha de Armona – Located 8 km from Olhão
  • Praia de Cabanas – Located 6 km from Tavira
  • Praia de Cacela Velha – Located 11 km from Tavira

Central Algarve

  • Praia da Afurada – Located 1.5 km from Ferragudo

Western Algarve

  • Praia do Amado – Located 16 km from Vila do Bispo
  • Praia Da Amoreira – Located 9 km from Aljezur
  • Praia do Beliche – Located 4 km from Sagres
  • Praia da Bordeira – Located 15 km from Vila do Bispo
  • Praia dos Pinheiros – Located 3 km from Lagos
  • Praia de Vale Figueira – Located 14 km from Aljezur
  • Praia da Cordoama – Located 5 km from Vila do Bispo
  • Praia das Furnas – Located 9 km from Vila do Bispo
  • Praia da Murração – Located 10 km from Vila do Bispo
  • Praia do Zavial – Located 7 km from Vila do Bispo
  • Praia da Barriga – Located 5 km from Vila do Bispo

Visiting other parts of Portugal as well? The Portugal naturist guide has information about naturist accommodation and beaches in other parts of the country besides the Algarve. 

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    • Praia do Barranco in the Western Algarve, is an interesting though quite small beach!

      It's a LONG drive down a mainly cobbled track from Raposeira, near Vila do Bispo.
      Heading west on the N125, turn left at the M1257, then go right at the fork in the road.

      At the bottom of the track is a parking area which, when I was there, was mostly occupied by hippies and surfer types.

      At the western side and at the back of the beach, we found a couple of naturist girls camping.
      Not to cramp their style, we went on the rocks at the front western part but I managed all day there nude, with no issues!

      It was a fun day watching the surfers doing their stuff!

      Later, coming back off the beach, at the top of the track, the Police were waiting and checking for drugs etc. though they didn't actually bother us.

    • I’m interested in meeting up with a mate to go to one of the Algarve nudist beaches if you are still in the area?
      First time in the Algarve but a regular naturist.

  2. We are visiting the Algarve area right now and currently on Ilha de Tavira for the day. Beautiful beach and not busy at all with naturists. But I can imagine how popular this could be in the summer. Does anyone have any suggestions for more naturist beaches in the Algarve? We are staying near Albufeira.

    • Hello Mo,
      See my comments re Praia Grande and Praia do Barranco.... though actually, I've found it possible to go 'au naturel' on other beaches too.

      The Eastern end of Meia Praia between Lagos asnd Alvor is nudist friendly and very picturesque with GREAT sand..... But, I've also been nude at Praia da Falesia, which is much closer to Albufeira. This is strictly unoffical but as long as sense prevails, we have had no issues. It's backed by high red rocks which may be a challenge to get down!
      There is free on street car parking at the Snack Bar Falesia (BEco da Falesia Mar) though it can get quite busy.

  3. Praia Grande between Armacao de Pera and Albefuera is clothing optional. Just watch out for the Dune lizards, gay men who walk along the top of the dunes looking for prey

    • I've been going to Praia Grande (with my non-nudist wife) for several years now.

      One way to get directly to the naturist friendly section is with quite a long walk on the boardwalks from Salgados, heading West, until you reach a prominent rocky outcrop, (it meets the water at high tide) where beyond that is the accepted naturist area. This extends for some distance up to the first beach bar. I have, however, walked nude all the way up to (and a little beyond) the Ribeira de Alcantarilha where it cuts across the beach.

      The Ribeira de Alcantarilha is itself an interesting spot for photography.... I've managed to explore it a little inland while still naked.

      Alternatively, if driving from Albufeira direction, drive west along the M526 until you reach the first roundabout after Quinta da Saudade. At the roundabout, take the 3rd exit (R. de Relvas) and follow this ALL the way to the end. There is a handy free car-park there and a boardwalk directly to the previously mentioned rocky outcrop.

      It is 'family friendly' on the beach though you may see the occasional 'Dune Lizard' or 'Meerkat' overlooking the beach. Behind the beach is a vast scrubby area with several footpaths where you can walk naked for ages. BE WARNED though, life may get a little more interesting there! It is not unusual to find a hanger on following you..... they may be naked or clothed, which seems a little odd. Mostly, they appear to be foreign visitors (though there are some locals).

      Personally, I find this an interesting diversion from just sunning on the beach but I can see it would not suit everyone..... 🙂

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  5. Hello,
    I wish to advertise a new naturist rental property near Tavira, in he hills. Can you create a website for me? How much does it cost to advertise with you and what is the process for payments to me - do I collect the rental and pay a % to you or how does it work?
    Thanks and regards