Amazon Spain: A Delivery Guide for International Shoppers

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Amazon Spain is the third largest Amazon in Europe after Amazon UK and Amazon Germany. As well as shoppers in Spain, it’s also very popular with Amazon shoppers in Portugal: Amazon Spain is the closest warehouse to Portugal geographically and, if you live in Portugal and are looking for expedited delivery, it’s often the fastest Amazon to shop at. (Amazon Spain) gets its fair number of shoppers from other countries in Europe as well, particularly the UK and Germany. Although it’s not usually cheaper than either Amazon UK or Germany, sometimes it is (even with delivery costs from Spain included). If you’re making a big purchase, it’s worth comparing the prices of a few different Amazons (including Amazon Spain) to see which offers the best value for money.

1-2 day delivery is often available (within Europe)

Amazon Spain’s express delivery varies depending on where you’re located. Taking a pair of Bose 35 noise-cancelling headphones as an example, Amazon Spain offers the following express delivery times:

  • Portugal: 1 day
  • UK: 1 day
  • Ireland: 3 days
  • Germany: 1 day

Basically, if there’s an Amazon store in that country (e.g. the UK and Germany) Amazon can ship the product from the local store and get it to you in one day. Otherwise, you’re looking at around 3 days as the fastest option.

This is based on a product that Amazon holds in stock (it’s available on Amazon Prime in Spain). If the product is sold by a third-party seller, the delivery times will depend on the seller.

Free delivery outside of Spain is rare (except to Portugal)

Like most local Amazons (e.g. Amazon UK, US, or Amazon Germany), Amazon offers free delivery for orders over a certain amount. Normally free delivery is only available within that specific country (e.g. Amazon UK offers free delivery to UK addresses but not to the Netherlands, for example), but there are some exceptions.

For Amazon Spain, that exception is Portugal. Although the terms often change, Amazon Spain usually offers free delivery to Portugal on orders above €29. For shoppers from everywhere else, however, it’s unlikely that you’ll get free delivery regardless of how much you spend.

It’s worth noting that often the shipping costs are fairly minimal, and it may still be worth shopping at Amazon Spain. Using the example of the Bose 35 headphones, Amazon Spain charges less than €5 for shipping to most European countries (including the UK and Germany).

Shoppers in Portugal: for a product that costs less than €29, and is being shipped to Portugal, expect to pay between €0.99 and €3.99 on average. Orders over €29, including the aforementioned Bose headphones, should be delivered for free.

To see how much you can expect to pay, simply add the product to your basket and proceed to the checkout.

You’ll probably need to translate Amazon Spain into English

While some ‘Amazons’ are available in other languages (Amazon Germany is available in English, Polish, Czech, Dutch, and Turkish, for example), Amazon Spain is only available in Spanish. If you want to view the pages in English, you can either copy and paste the page URL into Google Translate or you can translate the page using your browser (more on that here).

Some products only ship within Spain

For whatever reason, some products don’t ship outside of Spain. If this is the case, you’ll get an error message that looks something like this.

Amazon Spain won't ship hairdryer

This is quite frustrating, and often there isn’t a lot you can do about it. You may get lucky and find another merchant selling the same product that does ship to your destination, but usually you’ll just have to pick another similar product that doesn’t have that shipping restriction.

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  1. The european parliament passed a law prohibiting geo blocking within EU states.
    Thus sellers on amazon Spain cannot prohibit buyers from other eu states from buying .
    Thus sellers on amazon spain should desist from stating that they only sell to spanish residents.
    Amazon please take note and stop sellers from this geoblocking.
    The same applies to sellers on amazon de, uk, it etc.

  2. I am currently residing in Spain but my credit card uses a USA PO Box address. Can I still buy from Amazon and ship through Borderlinx? My reading of the instructions is that I need to use a Spain-addressed card (which I do not have). Is this so?

    • Hi Carolina,

      It varies from product to product (or seller to seller). Unfortunately, the best way to work out whether or not it can be shipped to Madeira is to try and buy it.

  3. What I would like to do is buy a washing machine as a present for a friend living in the north of Portugal and get it delivered and installed. I live in the UK. Does anyone have an idea as to the best way to do this? In this case, would a local retailer be better than Amazon, and if so, any recommendations on the best one – Porto area?

    • Hi Neil,

      I don’t know which would be the best, but it might be the case that you can’t buy a washing machine from Amazon Spain and get it delivered to Portugal. It depends on the seller, but some probably won’t ship to Portugal.

      Worten is worth a look for retailers as it’s one of the largest retailers in Portugal and will probably have a shop near your friend. Prices are likely to be higher than the UK, though.

      A third option would be to buy it in the UK and use a removals company to ship it to Portugal (some recommendations in this article: ).

  4. I pre-ordered a limited edition Nintendo Switch from Spain but I live in the U.S (it was last option since it’s sold out here) I paid for the fastest shipping which brought the price up from EUR 303.05 to EUR 336.05 which is about $365 ( My question is do I have to pay more at customs once it gets here? It says it includes the import tax automatically but I want to make sure to calculate properly. This is my first time ordering from Spain, much less something so expensive.

    • It depends whether you prepaid those fees or not.

      If you shopped through Amazon Global (your receipt should say) then those fees are included and have been prepaid. In theory, it should pass through customs without any problems.

      If you didn’t prepay those fees then it’s likely you’ll have to pay import charges when your order arrives in the US.

  5. I have a U.K. amerzon account , can I transfer it to Spain ?
    Can I pay for the purchases through my U.K. account ?
    Is amerzon still delivering in Doain

    • Hi Lee,

      Good question(s)!

      You’ll need to set up a new account on Amazon Spain. Nothing is transferable really (passwords, prime membership, etc).

      To pay for your purchases, you’ll need to add a bank card like you would on your UK account. You can choose whether the card in charges in Euros or Sterling though. Some cards don’t charge you a fee for overseas transactions (Halifax Clarity being one example) but a lot do. If you get charged for overseas transactions, you’re better off having Amazon charge you in Sterling. Otherwise, it’s probably better to be charged in Euros.

      Is amerzon still delivering in Doain? Apologies, I don’t understand the last question.

  6. Just wondering if Amazon is still delivering products in Spain. If I order something will I have to wait until the government travel restrictions are taken down before receiving the product?

    • Pretty sure Amazon is still delivering, but they might be prioritising products that are considered “urgent” or medical-related.

  7. My granddaughter lives in Spain and is pregnant. I would like to send some baby gifts for her baby shower. Can I order on Amazon Spain and have items delivered to her?

    • Hi Cheryl,

      Yes, you can.

      You may not find as much selection as in other countries, and obviously it’ll be in Spanish (although you can use Google Translate to translate), but, to answer your question, yes 🙂

  8. Which courier do Amazon use for deliveries in Spain? We live in the Spanish countryside and we need to contact the courier in order to meet them.

  9. How is it some items particularly warehouse deals are restricted to Spanish delivery addresses only. There are two items I wanted, neither of which are anything strange, a storage case with sanding pads and a network switch.

    Yet I can’t have them delivered to the UK, Belgium, Germany or Cyprus and only in Spain (which is the one place alas I don’t know anyone!)

    • Hi Adam,

      No idea, unless they just don’t want the hassle of shipping internationally.

      You could try getting around it by using a parcel forwarding service. I haven’t used any in Spain, but Spain2me and Spainbox both come up in Google.

      • Thanks – I’ll take a look – it’s incredible that the same article is e.g. €50 used on amazon Spain but a variance of €100-150 used everywhere else. I’d be surprised if ALL these items are actually in a Spanish warehouse and not in one of the others around.

        I know they restricted knives a while back as I ordered three from Spain, incidentally, some items that I have ordered from France came from a Spanish warehouse.

  10. Hi
    I’d like to buy a gift voucher from Amazon Spain As a present for my friend who lives in Portugal – do you know if this is possible (And how!) to do this? I have an amazon uk account.
    Thank you

    • Hey Julie,

      Yes! But you need to go to rather than and create a new account there in order to buy it.

  11. Gostaria que me informassem porque razão alguns dos vossos items ,não podem vir para Portugal.Ontem encomendei um Kattan marroquino (vestido tradicional de Marrocos)e no fim da encomenda já feita,disseram que não podiam enviar para Portugal.É muito aborrecido porque aqui,não encontro,e encontrei na Amazon Spain,e dizem-me que não enviam para Portugal,aliás não é a primeira vez,Muito obrigada,e gostaria de saber a razão.

  12. i live in the canary islands witch is part of Spain but
    a lot of goods on Amazon .es will not deliver to the canary islands . does anyone know why this is . ty

  13. If I sign up for prime that does not give me free shipping to USA correct? is Spain box an option to get cheaper shipping rates

  14. Living in Portugal, I have not been able search/order any item. It just will not go to the page when I type in the product I am searching for!! It tells me…
    “An error occurred while trying to process your request.
    We are working on the issue and hope to resolve it shortly. Please note that if you were attempting to place an order, it will not have been processed at this time. Try again later.
    We apologize for the inconveniences…
    * Click here to return to the home page”
    then I must return to the home page. This has been happening EVERY TIME I try to search for something!!!! It has been happening for two+ (2+) months!!! Also happens with
    Why cannot I not shop on Amazon!!!!

  15. I live in Madeira Island and, until a few weeks ago, everything was great. Since I started ordering more frequently, mirroring what I used to do in London, problems started to surface, and all of them with once common factor, Deutsche Post Brief.
    Everything that was ordered, being delivered by them, therefore handled by DHL Express, was never delivered. Amazon Logistics aren’t able to provide actual tracking numbers, what you emd up seeing in your order details is Amazon Logistics reference, which can’t be used to track anything anywhere.
    Since it’s not possible to filter your search to avoid certain carriers, nor cancel the order once it’s shipped (which is when you can see who will be handling the delivery), you end up rolling your eyes every time you check it’s Deustch Post, waiting for the date where you can ask for a refund, ask the refund, order a similar product and pray you don’t have to repeat these steps again.
    If it’s handled by CTT Express it works wonders, genuinely. You get it way before the mentioned ETA.

    I cancelled my Prime membership with Amazon ES after facing this hell of a problem and, until I find a solution to get my parcels on time, I don’t intend to reactivate it.

    • Hi Débora

      You could try contacting Amazon and letting them know that you don’t want your orders delivered with Deutsche Post Brief anymore. I know of some other people who have successfully requested that a specific courier not be used.

  16. so, my question is: If I want to give a gift to someone in Spain, can I go to the Amazon Spain website and order it without ID or passport and all that fluff? I tried. I found the item I wanted to buy, but they still wanted me to provide the persons ID or passport.

    • Hi Mike,

      That seems unusual. I’ve ordered items through Amazon and had them sent to other people without anyone’s ID ever being asked for. The only time it was asked for was on delivery if the item wasn’t suitable for children (e.g. alcohol).

    • I tried to send a surprise birthday gift, via Amazon, to a friend in Spain. I tried Amazon.UK and got a box asking me for my friend’s ID details. It was the same on even when I used my Spanish bank and our holiday apartment addresses. I really don’t like the idea of having to ask her because it a)ruins the surprise and b)makes me feel that I’m invading her privacy. I ordered something from El Corte Ingles instead.


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