What’s an Atestado De Residência?

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While many companies and government departments will accept a utility bill or rental contract as proof of address, that’s not enough for some and they make ask for an Atestado De Residência. It may also be required if you don’t have a rental contract or if the contract isn’t in your name.

An Atestado De Residência is a document that confirms you live where you say you do. Although you will typically need a document like a rental contract to get this document, the Atestado De Residência is seen as more authoritative as you also need signatures from other people in the Freguesia who can confirm you live there.

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How to get one

To get an Atestado De Residência you’ll need to visit your nearest Junta de Freguesia. As always the documents you’ll need can vary, but will most likely be:

  • Your passport or European ID card
  • Your NIF (Número de Identificação Fiscal)
  • House deeds (for property owners) or rental agreement (for renters)
  • Cartão de Residência (residency card)
  • Fee (around €5)

The biggest challenge is that an Atestado De Residência normally requires two signatures from two other residents of the same Junta de Freguesia, along with a copy of their IDs, which can be difficult you’ve most likely just moved and don’t know many people yet.

If you rent, and your landlord lives in the same Freguesia, that may be the easiest person to ask. It’s often possible to use a bill in your name (such as a utility bill) in lieu of one of the signatures.

As with all areas of Portuguese bureaucracy, one Junta de Freguesia may have slightly different rules to the next [1]https://www.comparaja.pt/blog/atestado-de-residencia [In Portuguese]. You will need to speak to them and find out exactly what they’re looking for.

You may end up visiting the Junta de Freguesia several times to get the information you need, but, on the plus side, once you submit the completed form you should have your Atestado in around 1-3 working days.


1 https://www.comparaja.pt/blog/atestado-de-residencia [In Portuguese]

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