Getting Your Water Connected in Portugal

person pouring water from a tap into a glass

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When you move to Portugal, sorting out your water supply is key, along with sorting out other utilities like electricity and gas and arranging home internet. In Portugal, water services are managed by local municipalities. This means you don’t get much choice with your provider; it depends on where you live. Each area has its … Read more

Where to Buy Electronics & Appliances in Portugal

Couple shopping for a washing machine in a large appliances store

If you’re planning on moving to Portugal, you may be wondering where you buy electronics and appliances and what the cost is likely to be. For those coming from the UK or US, the cost may be more than you’re used to paying, but due to the cost of shipping, the challenges of getting your … Read more

What To Bring When Moving to Portugal

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If you’re thinking about moving to Portugal, you’ll get different advice on what to bring. Most people will tell you to come with as little as possible and avoid the challenges and costs of shipping your stuff. However, re-buying everything is expensive, particularly in Portugal, so there’s definitely an argument for at least thinking about … Read more

How to Deal with Black Mould in Portuguese Homes

spraying black mould in the corner of a room with bleach

One of the downsides of living in Portugal during winter is that properties can be cold and damp and these conditions often lead to mould, particularly black mould. This usually forms on the walls and ceilings, but it can also form in and behind bookcases or the bed, which is why you need to regularly … Read more

Dealing with Noisy Houses & Apartments in Portugal

unhappy couple listening to noisy neighbours

Apartments and houses in Portugal lack insulation. This means that not only can they be absolutely freezing during the winter months, but noise travels between apartments very easily as well. And while there are things you can do to stay warm in Portuguese apartments, it’s very hard to solve noise problems. For many people, this … Read more

How to Stay Warm in Portuguese Houses During Winter

Staying warm heater

Parts of Portugal like the Algarve, the Alentejo, and Lisbon are blessed with some of the mildest winters that Europe has to offer. Outside, that is. Inside a Portuguese house is another story altogether.  Old Portuguese houses and apartments are typically poorly insulated and almost never have central heating of any kind, although some may have … Read more